Neither Amazon nor Netflix will take part in the Television Critics Association summer press tour this year.

After growing rapidly in its first three months online to 328,000 subscribers, DirecTV Now hit a wall in February, losing 3,000 customers.

WideOpenWest fell short of its goal to raise $400.05 million with an initial public offering, taking in only $309.4 million. 

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has officially named Michelle Carey as chief of the FCC Media Bureau after her stint as acting director.

Oregon's House of Representatives approved a bill that will charge companies interest on disputed tax debt, one that directly hits at incumbent MSO…

One of pay-TV’s leading vendors, TiVo Corp., announced the pending retirement of its president and CEO, Tom Carson.

FuboTV has added a new “Lookback” feature that will allow its subscribers to go back and watch programming from the previous three days.

A federal judge has tripled the amount of money Dish Network must pay 50,000 state residents after the satellite TV company robocalled them.