Comcast Businesses announced the expansion of its 100 Gbps-capable Ethernet service to Tallahassee, Fla. is planning to make VR viewing a ubiquitous option for viewers on both livestreamed and on-demand eSports events.

Comcast is moving to bulk up the content library for its millennial audience-targeted Watchable service with a newly announced slate of exclusive programming.

The Copyright Alliance called out Public Knowledge’s "campaign of misinformation," scrutinizing the FCC’s proposed set-top rules.

Comcast now officially owns DreamWorks and former CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg is stepping away from the deal with a whopping $391 million payday.

Rovi announced today that it has come to an agreement with Dish Network on a new 10-year patent renewal license agreement.

With Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman officially out, analysts are renewing calls for Viacom and CBS to recombine and for Viacom to sell off the struggling Paramount.

CCIA –- a trade group representing Google, TiVo and others –- slammed the cable industry’s alternative to “Unlock the Box."