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Jim Barthold, editor of FierceIPTV, has been around the telecommunications space since advanced engineers used two tin cans and a string to communicate. A longtime freelance writer, he has worked over the years with General Instrument Corp. in public relations, Cable World, Telephony Magazine, Telecommunications Magazine, Communications Technology Magazine, CED Magazine and a few other publications that have nothing to do with cable TV, as well as a short stint as a senior analyst with NPD Connected Intelligence. An avid golfer, Barthold follows the advice of the professional staff at Running Deer Golf Club and keeps his day job. He can be reached at jbarthold@fiercemarkets.com and found on LinkedIn.

Articles by Jim Barthold

Report: Comcast prepared to stream EA games to X1 subscribers

Comcast has apparently found yet another use for its advanced cloud-based X1 system: streaming Electronic Arts video games to subscriber televisions.

Viacom buys its way into British TV market, reports higher profits in fiscal Q2

Viacom, hardly the most popular programming content provider among small U.S. cable operators, is spending $757 million to buy a little love on the other side of the ocean.

Regional sports channel rights muddle Comcast-TWC merger, drive up costs across industry

A growing firestorm of consumer dissatisfaction with regional sports channels--highlighted, but by no means restricted to the ongoing brouhaha about Time Warner Cable's deal to pay $8 billion for the video rights of the Los Angeles Dodgers--should create concern about whether Comcast can acquire TWC for $45.2 billion, an op-ed in The Consumerist maintains.

Rich fiber diet drives Bell Aliant's video growth

Bell Aliant added 13,400 net new TV subscribers to its FibreOP service in the first quarter thanks in no small part to the carrier's fiber-to-the-home network strategy.

TDS ups cable strategy with $261M BendBroadband acquisition

It's hardly on a scale with Comcast acquiring Time Warner Cable or AT&T talking about acquiring DirecTV, but Telephone and Data Systems' decision to acquire BendBroadband for $261 million will move the needle on TDS' cable strategy.

Liberty Global mulled Aereo investment, Nair says

Here's something to chew on as Aereo's right to grab and rebroadcast over-the-air transmissions via IP wends its way through the Supreme Court: one of the cable industry's bigger names, John Malone, once considered investing in the maverick firm.

Report: AT&T talks merger with DirecTV in a deal potentially worth $40B

AT&T reportedly talked to DirecTV recently about a merger. The potential move, valued at more than $40 billion, was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

TV interest groups rise to fight the retransmission wars

Every player within the TV entertainment space--broadcasters, cable and satellite service providers and consumer groups--has an opinion on retransmission fees. And now it seems that every interest group has formed an organization to front its stance. Most recently, broadcasters formed their own subset, TVFreedom, to seek consumer support in the industry's fight with the American Television Alliance (ATVA), the group representing cable and satellite providers.

Viacom shuts down online access for Cable One subscribers

First, Cable One said it won't pay what Viacom wants for its programming, and removed the channels from its linear lineup. Now, Viacom has said Cable One subscribers can't have access to its online content either, and has erected a blockade to keep them out.

Nod Labs, Broadcom demonstrate wearable control of connected devices

Nod has contributed gesture and motion technology and Broadcom added silicon for an integrated wearable device capable of controlling connected home devices, including set-top boxes. The two companies are demonstrating the capability at The Cable Show.