FuboTV has added a new “Lookback” feature that will allow its subscribers to go back and watch programming from the previous three days.

A federal judge has tripled the amount of money Dish Network must pay 50,000 state residents after the satellite TV company robocalled them.

Eleven out of 20 municipal broadband networks closely observed in a University of Pennsylvania Law School study are cash-flow negative. 

NBC and CBS can both lay claim to victories for the 2016-2017 television season.

The revival of “Twin Peaks,” which premiered last Sunday, has helped Showtime dramatically boost signups for its OTT streaming service.

Tom Rutledge's $98.5 million in 2016 executive compensation made him the highest-paid CEO in all of America.

Altice has confirmed that both the Optimum and Suddenlink brands will soon disappear from the U.S. cable landscape. 

Hulu CTO Tian Lim says taking on all the challenges associated with live TV and redesigning Hulu’s platform has been extremely challenging.