Cameron pushes TV programmers to shoot 3D dramas

Television programmers should focus on producing dramas and other TV series in 3D, rather than use the technology for major sporting events such as The Masters golf tournament, the acclaimed film director James Cameron on Monday told attendees at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas.

Cameron, who sparked renewed interest in 3D programming in 2009 with the release of Avatar, said producing a network drama in 3D would be less expensive than shooting events such as ESPN's X Games.

"It's really the low-hanging fruit, we've missed. We've gone around the lowest fruit to stuff that's much harder to shoot," Cameron said on a NAB Show panel session with Vince Pace, his partner in 3D production company Cameron Pace Group, based in Burbank, Calif.

Avatar prompted cable programmers and operators to begin experimenting with ways to deliver 3D programming to subscribers, and helped spawn dedicated 3D networks such as ESPN 3D, DirecTV's (Nasdaq:DTV) N3D and 3net, which is owned by Discovery Communications (Nasdaq:DISCA), Sony and IMAXDirecTV's N3D.

But Cameron said the industry should focus on producing all programming in 3D, rather than relegating 3D to dedicated 3D networks.

"I've never believed that a 3D channel was the right answer. It would be like having a color channel. People select the shows they want to watch based on other factors besides whether it's in 3D or not," Cameron said. "We have to hit a critical mass of enough entertainment in 3D so you do not have to go to a 3D channel, because once you're past the novelty factor, that's not how people decide (what to watch)," he added.

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