Comcast trademarks HOMEWARE for automated window blinds, garage door opener, lights

Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) may add electric window shade controls and garage door openers to its home automation platform, according to a trademark application it filed last week for the brand HOMEWARE.

The nation's largest cable MSO already markets home security and automation services to subscribers through its Xfinity Home product, which offers smart thermostats, lighting systems, security cameras, carbon monoxide detectors and flood sensors. Comcast also wants the right to use the HOMEWARE brand to sell those products, along with home appliance controllers and window sensors, according to the trademark application filed on Aug. 20.

In June, Comcast announced a deal with lighting manufacturer Osram Sylvania to sell energy efficient smart light bulbs to cable subscribers beginning later this year. FierceCable reported last week that the MSO has also filed patent applications that show how Comcast may be able to use near field communication technology to let subscribers pair home automation devices to smartphones and tablets.

Comcast uses the brand Upware to market cloud-based services to its commercial customers. In February, it began selling data backup services Carbonite and Mozy through its Upware portal, in addition to online storage service Box, filesharing service Soonr and document sharing service YouSendIt.

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