Dish Network trademarks 'Hopper Transfers' for mobile video product

Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH) filed a trademark application on Nov. 8 for the brand Hopper Transfers, which the satellite TV provider said could be used for delivering video and audio mobile phones, tablets, PCs and other devices.

Dish unveiled its Hopper DVR at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The multiroom DVR delivers video in subscriber homes to client set-tops that Dish has nicknamed Joey. The DVR also contains an AutoHop function that can automatically remove all of the commercials from primetime programs on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

Dish spokesman Aaron Johnson wouldn't say what the company may do with the Hopper Transfers brand. "Dish files for trademarks frequently as we explore potential avenues to go to market. We have not made any announcements about this," Johnson told FierceCable.

It's worth noting that Dish already offers subscribers the ability to access video from Hopper and other DVRs on mobile devices through its Slingbox receivers, which are manufactured by sister company EchoStar. 

While Dish says Hopper has been popular with subscribers, several broadcasters are have filed copyright infringement lawsuits against the company aimed at forcing it to disable the commercial skipping technology.

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