Dish Network wins support from CEA in Hopper dispute

The Consumer Electronics Association said it filed a court filing that supports Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH) in its battle with CBS, NBC, Fox and other broadcasters related to the ad-skipping technology in its Hopper DVR.

CEA argues that the 1984 U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Sony Betamax case, which helped spur sales of VCRs, allows Dish to include the AutoHop feature on its DVR. When activated by a subscriber, AutoHop automatically removes all of the commercials in primetime programs that Hopper records from ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.

"The simple fact is, making television easier to watch is not against the law. It is simply pro-innovation and pro-consumer," CEA president Gary Shapiro said in a prepared statement.

It's not surprising that CEA is backing Dish in its legal battle with broadcasters, as Dish is a member of CEA and pays the group to lobby for it in Washington, D.C. Dish also buys a large exhibit each year at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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