Former Comcast supervisor admits stealing $75,000 in tools

A former Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) supervisor who ran an equipment warehouse in Pennsylvania was sentenced to seven years of probation Tuesday after he admitted to selling about $75,000 of tools and equipment owned by Comcast on eBay.

Robert Kessler, 51, admitted to stealing drills, telephone test kits, saws, clamp meters and other items from a Comcast warehouse in Lower Providence, Pa., according to the criminal complaint.

Security officials at Comcast told police they determined Kessler sold 362 items on eBay between August 2010 and October 2011.

Comcast began investigating Kessler in 2011 after one of its security officials received a tip that he had placed one of its telephone test sets on eBay. Security officials nabbed Kessler by installing surveillance devices at the warehouse and placing markings on boxes of drills and other gear. Comcast's security team bid on the items Kessler placed on eBay and he admitted to the thefts after they confronted him, according to The Times Herald, a newspaper in Montgomery County, Pa.  

In a plea deal with prosecutors, Kessler pled guilty Tuesday to theft by unlawful taking and was ordered to pay $74,985 in restitution. Judge Joseph Smyth told Kessler he may reduce the probation period after he pays the restitution in full.

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