Google Fiber to launch in Provo in October

Google Fiber (Nasdaq: GOOG) will launch its 1-Gig Internet and subscription video service in Provo, Utah, in October, according to a video the city of Provo posted on YouTube last week.

Taking a shot at incumbent Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) without naming the company, the video implies that the speed of cable broadband is like the power of a garden hose compared to a fire hose. It opens with a man wearing a sash emblazoned with the word "broadband" filling up his backyard pool with a garden hose. In the next scene, a fire truck with a license plate that reads "Provo Fiber 1" fills up the pool in a matter of seconds using its fire hoses.

Google struck a deal in April to acquire iProvo, a municipal broadband network that Provo launched in 2006. Rather than build its fiber network from scratch in Provo, Google is upgrading Provo's network to launch Google Fiber.

While Google officials have said the 1-gig service would launch in Provo by the end of the year, the company hasn't yet announced an official launch date. It's likely the Internet giant will announce individual "fiberhoods" where Google Fiber will be available initially.

Comcast has already slashed its prices in Provo in advance of the Google Fiber launch. In August, the MSO began pitching a $120 monthly subscription bundle that includes video, voice and its 105 Mbps Internet service.

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