Greenfield reviews Google Fiber TV; predicts Google will expand into other markets

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) won a positive review of its new Google Fiber TV product in Kansas City from BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield, who tried out its subscription video and wideband Internet service earlier this month.

Google Fiber TV review

Click here to view Greenfield's review of Google Fiber TV.

Greenfield praised Google's strategy of integrating live TV listings and Web video content that is available from Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) and other over-the-top video providers with its Google Fiber TV user interface. Subscribers using one of the Nexus 7 tablets that Google supplies as a remote control to search for hit NBC sitcom The Office can browse dozens of available titles that are available through NBC, cable networks, and video-on-demand suppliers. Integrating Web video listings into its Google Fiber TV program guide also allows Google to offer access to content that it doesn't yet have rights to, such as AMC original series The Walking Dead, Greenfield noted.

The BTIG analyst said he expects Google to expand Fiber TV and its wideband Internet service to other cities. "While it is very early in Google Fiber's life, we fully expect Google to build out more markets after they perfect the broadband and TV offerings in Kansas City," Greenfield wrote in a research note.

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