Motorola: Cable MSOs may upgrade plant beyond 1 GHz

Some of Motorola Mobility's (NYSE: MMI) cable MSO customers are considering upgrading their plant to support the ability to deliver more than 1 GHz of data, the company said this week.  

Cracking 1 GHz would be a new threshold for cable MSOs, most of which have upgraded systems to 750 MHz or 860 MHz. Upgrading beyond 1 GHz could potentially allow a cable MSO to offer hundreds of high-definition channels, or support a larger number of 3DTV networks.

Cox Communications began upgrading its systems to 1 GHz in 2007, and Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) has upgraded some systems in Texas and California to 1 GHz, according to Motorola.

Motorola director of access network architecture Phil Miguelez wrote in a post on the company's blog Thursday that it is possible to crack 1 GHz by using new amplifiers that contain gallium nitride semiconductor technology. He said some of the company's customers have expressed interest in upgrading plant beyond 1 GHz, but didn't name any cable MSOs.

"We have at least one customer exploring a plant upgrade to take its network above 1 GHz. Bandwidth demand is insatiable, and there's money to be made in satisfying that demand," Miguelez said.  

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