Mediacom raised monthly rates for both broadband and video, claiming that more federal regulation is needed to stem program cost increases.

Despite myriad complaints about DirecTV Now’s streaming performance, AT&T’s virtual MVPD platform continues to rapidly gain subscribers.

Comcast faces possible retribution from the Trump administration as Inauguration Day looms.

Former DirecTV pitchman Rob Lowe turned on his former employer in a blackout-fueled Twitter rant.

Cogeco is content with its TiVo deal and doesn’t have any plans to replace the platform with Comcast’s X1, according to an analyst report citing company…

AT&T, which now owns DirecTV, urged a federal judge to reject the Justice Department’s lawsuit against its DirecTV business.

Releasing data collected from its network of Optimum set-top boxes, Altice USA said live viewing held “steady” in 2016 at 92% of all TV watching.

Canada’s Shaw Communications has announced the deployment of its licensed version of Comcast’s X1 video platform, which it calls BlueSky TV.

Liberty Media Chairman John Malone speculated the top three cable companies could respond to converging wireless competition by teaming up to buy T-Mobile US.