The FCC today officially voted to reinstate the UHF discount for TV broadcasters that was eliminated last year.

Regulators from four Oregon communities are asking the state attorney general to look into whether surcharges charged by Comcast violate state consumer…

Nexstar Media is in line to benefit the most when the FCC reinstates the UHF discount today and eases limits on how many TV stations broadcast groups can own,…

The National Association of Broadcasters is once again gearing up for its annual show in Las Vegas.

Comcast’s $1.7 billion bid for broadcast spectrum doesn't mean it's fully committed to entering the wireless business, an analyst said.

The FCC’s broadcast incentive auctions are complete, and 175 winning broadcasters will receive more than $10 billion.

Comcast spent only $1.7 billion to acquire spectrum during the FCC’s just-completed Broadcast Incentive Auction, coming in short of analyst projections. 

Comcast is eyeing the end of about 150 regulatory restrictions placed on it during its purchase of NBCUniversal in 2011.