Charter claims that the cable charter it’s forced to operate under puts it at an unfair disadvantage in competing with AT&T and Google Fiber. 

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-S.D.) told FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to release his pay-TV industry set-top proposal to the public.

The Motion Picture Association of America lauded the FCC’s decision to delay its Thursday vote on its revised set-top regulation order. 

The FCC has decided to delay a vote on a controversial set-top box proposal.

“The Internet has eaten the TV,” an analyst for The Diffusion Group said in a post arguing that the FCC needs to stop futzing about with set-top box regulation.

The city of Pasadena’s decision that it will impose a 9.4 percent tax on SVOD services like Netflix and Hulu caught some of its council members off guard.

Mediacom made comparisons to Oreos and Lamborghinis in a letter defending ISPs’ rights to enforce data usage caps.

After checking Comcast on allegedly bogus claims targeting Verizon last month, the National Advertising Bureau has criticized the top cable company for ads…

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler received more complaint mail this week regarding his newly revised pay-TV set-top regulation plans.