Time Warner Cable, Cox expand Verizon Wireless marketing efforts

Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) and Cox Communications said Monday that they are expanding joint promotions with Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) to parts of New York, California, Arizona and Massachusetts.

Cox said it will offer new and existing subscribers that order products from Verizon and Cox prepaid debit cards ranging in value from $100 to $400, depending upon the number of digital cable and wireless phone services they order. It began pitching the joint promotion with Verizon Monday in San Diego, Santa Barbara and Orange County, Calif.

Time Warner Cable kicked off similar promotions with Verizon Monday in parts of New York, Arizona, California and Massachusetts, but said it will offer subscribers prepaid Visa cards with a maximum value of just $200 in exchange for ordering new digital cable and wireless phone services. Comcast and Bright House Networks are running similar joint promotions with Verizon Wireless which tied to spectrum deals the cable MSOs struck with Verizon late last year.

Look for Verizon and its cable partners to eventually market new products that rely on digital cable programming and Verizon Wireless devices, including the ability to transfer programs stored on a cable DVR to a Verizon Wireless tablet or smartphone. In May, Verizon Wireless filed a trademark application for the brand ALLSCREEN, which it said could be used to offer "cable television transmission services and wireless communication services, namely, streaming of live television broadcasts, access to online television shows (non-live), DVR sideloading, streaming of personal videos recorded on a wireless device to a television, and streaming of photos from a wireless device to a television."

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