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Comcast-backed start-up NextVR uses NAB to show it can take pay-TV viewers to the game

LAS VEGAS - Before I get into cheerleading for the VR demos I just saw at NAB, you should know that I'm not easily swayed by new display technologies.

After Cablevision, Altice has lots of ways to disrupt the cable market

Altice is closing in on its acquisition of Cablevision, which will newly mint the European communications giant as certified player in the U.S. cable broadband market with a significant footprint. But it's what Altice does after that which will determine how the competitive landscape will be disrupted.

Arris 'home of the future' presentation ends illusion of monastic broadband existence

Living near Downtown Los Angeles, I've learned to live like a monk as far as data speeds are concerned. I've steadfastly resisted Time Warner Cable, leaving me to make due to with the 6 Mbps offered through AT&T U-verse DSL. Simply put, there are just not a lot of great ISP options yet.

Enjoy a great holiday weekend

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Charting pay-TV's IP-based video revolution

With every major pay-TV operator either testing — or in full deployment — of an IP-based deployment, it is clear that the industry is no longer beholden to the infrastructures that originally got them into the business.

Google's master plan for pushing the FCC set-top agenda: Get pay-TV's programmatic dollars

While operators say they're moving away from proprietary leased set-tops toward a paradigm of app-based IP-only delivery, there's a very good reason to suspect that they will maintain a sizable base of leased CPE in the coming decade.

Enjoy your Presidents Day Weekend

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a safe and happy Presidents Day. In observance of the holiday, FierceCable will not be publishing on Monday. We'll be back in your inbox with...

Google, the most profligate lobbyist of all, drinks the cable biz's milkshake with FCC set-top proposal

When word leaked last week that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) was showing off in D.C. a set-top that sounded an awful lot like FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler engineered it himself, I found myself asking, how did the cable industry get out-lobbied so badly?

Would Facebook spend $2 billion on hype? Why pay-TV should pay attention to VR

In FierceCable's latest special report, we look at the reasons why the video entertainment business should take VR seriously and invest in it.

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