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Google, the most profligate lobbyist of all, drinks the cable biz's milkshake with FCC set-top proposal

When word leaked last week that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) was showing off in D.C. a set-top that sounded an awful lot like FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler engineered it himself, I found myself asking, how did the cable industry get out-lobbied so badly?

Would Facebook spend $2 billion on hype? Why pay-TV should pay attention to VR

In FierceCable's latest special report, we look at the reasons why the video entertainment business should take VR seriously and invest in it.

In observance of Martin Luther King

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Dish's HopperGo a day late and a dollar short for TVE

LAS VEGAS -- If Dish Network had introduced its HopperGo at, say, CES 2012, TV Everywhere's disappointing narrative might have turned out differently. As it was, the announcement of the mobile video storage device this week seemed buried in broader company introductions that included a third-generation Hopper DVR and the first major user-interface overhaul for Sling TV.

Operators ponder potential pot of gold with advanced advertising services

As TV viewers atomize amid proliferate on-demand programming choices, and networks, advertisers and audience researchers desperately try to keep up with it all, pay-TV companies are finding themselves in a unquietly advantageous position.

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Celebrating the leading innovators in telecom

Telecom service providers are facing a multitude of challenges right now. Demand for telecom services is growing while networks are stretched for capacity. But help is on the way.

TWC, CBS and others rush into an OTT future, but some strategies make way more sense than others

Those of us in the over-the-top video delivery space have had an interesting seven days. Not only did we learn that the three biggest cable companies are all testing streaming video services, but the operator of a major broadcast network also said it will offer an anticipated new show exclusively on its SVOD platform. Meanwhile, a number of major media conglomerates are signaling their pullback from Netflix. Indeed, a lot of OTT stuff has happened lately.

Time stands still for U.S. pay-TV market on 4K

DirecTV launched pay-TV's first 4K service a year ago, making a handful of archival Paramount theatrical titles and K2 nature documentaries available for download in the UltraHD format and playable on new Samsung 4K sets.

At SCTE, the 'radical change' of virtualization looms large

Speaking during the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo keynote panel here, CableLabs President and CEO Phil McKinney declared DOCSIS 3.1 the main theme of this year's tech show. Speaking in the more private confines of a show floor booth several hours later, however, he acknowledged that network virtualization could change a lot of plans.