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Sheriff Wheeler says the cable industry's tail light is broken

BOSTON -- Watching the cable industry, led by its chief lobbyist and sympathetic Republican FCC commissioners, wail about what they're calling the "relentless government assault" on their business at INTX this week, I was reminded of the unwitting driver who asks the small-town sheriff why he was just pulled over.

At INTX, AT&T hints at its DirecTV vision for the future of TV

BOSTON -- Here at the INTX show, there's plenty of discussion about "the future of TV." The issue in question, of course, is how the nation's cable operators will continue to play in the market they once dominated but that is now in a state of upheaval due to the large and growing number of streaming players like Netflix, Amazon, Roku and others. AT&T may have an answer. The carrier in the fourth quarter of this year will release the first version of what I'll call DirecTV 2.0, essentially the combination of AT&T's U-verse and DirecTV video businesses.

In its second year as INTX, NCTA says rebranded trade show is fulfilling its objective for broadened reach

A year after performing the arduous task of rebranding its signature trade show into the broader-skewing INTX, producer NCTA says the event is making good on its promise to broaden its reach outside the cable industry.

Comcast, Verizon and AT&T battle for the mobile video future at INTX

Video is at the heart of the brewing battle between the wireless and cable industries, as both telecom sectors chase a new generation of consumer who has made entertainment on mobile devices a usage priority.

Sizing up cable's top vendors in four key sectors

In FierceCable's latest special report, we worked with research firm IHS to look at how the vendors in four key pay-TV sectors are competing by examining their challenges, opportunities and leaders.

DirecTV is slowly but surely paving the way to live 4K

DirecTV struck out in its first two attempts to put a live 4K MLB broadcast in play but those hiccups are just the latest of many ups and downs for the MVPD as it travels the lonely road to translate 4K into linear content.

Comcast-backed start-up NextVR uses NAB to show it can take pay-TV viewers to the game

LAS VEGAS - Before I get into cheerleading for the VR demos I just saw at NAB, you should know that I'm not easily swayed by new display technologies.

After Cablevision, Altice has lots of ways to disrupt the cable market

Altice is closing in on its acquisition of Cablevision, which will newly mint the European communications giant as certified player in the U.S. cable broadband market with a significant footprint. But it's what Altice does after that which will determine how the competitive landscape will be disrupted.

Arris 'home of the future' presentation ends illusion of monastic broadband existence

Living near Downtown Los Angeles, I've learned to live like a monk as far as data speeds are concerned. I've steadfastly resisted Time Warner Cable, leaving me to make due to with the 6 Mbps offered through AT&T U-verse DSL. Simply put, there are just not a lot of great ISP options yet.

Enjoy a great holiday weekend

On behalf of the FierceCable team, I would like to wish you a safe and happy Good Friday and Easter Holiday. In observance of the holiday, FierceCable will not be publishing on Friday. We'll be back in your inbox on Monday morning bringing you the latest news on the pay-TV industry.