AT&T, DirecTV demand that FCC not extend comment period on merger review

Public Knowledge and the Community Broadband Networks Initiative have asked the Federal Communications Commission to extend the public comment deadline beyond Sept. 16 for the proposed AT&T and DirecTV merger. But on Wednesday, the two communications giants countered that the FCC should not consider this request.

Cox's Esser not interested in T-Mobile buy or going public

Cox Communications is not interested in joining France's Iliad and buying T-Mobile. Ditto on merging with a pay-TV rival and going public.

Multiscreen provider NimbleTV expands to Chicago, draws scrutiny from pay-TV lawyers

Could NimbleTV become the next Aereo? That is the media technology question of the day, with the New York-based, VC-funded startup attracting scrutiny from pay-TV lawyers as it expands its reach from the Big Apple to Chicago.

SportsNet LA standoff could 'undermine' TWC-Comcast merger, but FCC is mum

As the carriage impasse over Time Warner Cable's new regional sports network home for the L.A. Dodgers enters its sixth month, speculation is emerging that the standoff could negatively impact the proposed merger between TWC and Comcast.

Report: TWC and Netflix signed interconnection deal in June

Netflix now has peering/interconnection deals with the four biggest terrestrial broadband providers in the U.S., with the SVOD service reportedly carving out an agreement with Time Warner Cable in June.

The Verge culminates Comcast assault: Former employees describe service issues as endemic, unfixable

The Verge has concluded a caustic--and rather damning--three-part analysis of Comcast's customer service acumen, defining the Philadelphia media and communications giant's culture as bent on sales and growth and incapable of fundamentally improving its overall service quality.

DirecTV, Dish use addressable tech to target $3B political advertising treasure chest

Integrating voter registration information into their emerging addressable advertising technology systems, DirecTV and Dish Network are promising politcal campaign managers a means of precisely and locally targeting viewers across the ideological spectrum.

BlackArrow update limits ad repetition in multiscreen video streams

TV ad tech company BlackArrow has introduced an update to its Advanced Advertising System that it says will limit the amount of times a specific ad is seen in both live and on-demand streams.

Comcast deluded when it says it's competing with wireless broadband, advocacy group says

In its quest to gain regulatory approval for its $45 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable, Comcast has drawn the map wide in terms of defining its realm of competition. But advocacy blog Consumerist has done some interesting tire-kicking on the notion that Comcast's video and broadband services are in any way competing with the mobile broadband services offered by wireless companies.

Roku set to undercut, disrupt smart TV market

Moving ever closer to completely dominating the smart TV market, Roku has announced that TV sets with its integrated streaming technology will soon hit stores with highly competitive price points.

U.S. pay-TV price increases are double the inflation rate, report says

New York-based Cablevision is the priciest U.S. pay TV operator, according to new SNL Kagan research, with with the cable service receiving, on average, $152.72 a month for bundled video and broadband services per customer.

New feature enables sharing of recorded shows

The major networks may have, at least for now, legally thwarted Aereo's attempt at redefining broadcast TV distribution. But disruptive technologies that threaten their business models--or at least their leverage against pay-TV companies in retransmission negotiations--keep on coming.

CableLabs Innovation Showcase: Avegent's 'virtual retinal display' takes top honors

Think of Avegent's new Glyph as a kind of Oculus Rift, only instead of virtual reality, the wearable device delivers a totally immersive viewer experience from a mobile device using LED technology. "There is no screen, no LCD or OLED ... We're actually mimicking the way you naturally see," says Avegent founder Edward Tang in a presentation to CableLabs' Innovation Showcase, where the "virtual retinal display" tied for top honors.

Former Charter exec Schremp launches home automation platform

Former Charter Communications executive Ted Schremp's SmartHome Ventures has announced a new retail-focused home-automation platform designed to compete with services offered by top pay-TV providers.

FCC extends net neutrality comment reply period to Sept. 15

The FCC has extended the period during which it will accept replies to public comments regarding new net neutrality rules by three business days, setting a new deadline of Sept. 15.

Making 4K a reality

4K is the next-generation of high definition TV with four times the resolution of current HD screens. Unlike 3D, which failed to take off due to multiple technical hurdles, many expect 4K to blossom and become the next step in the high-definition migration path.

Dissonant Synacor shareholders: 'We'll pay for meeting to oust board'

Not even a better-than-expected second quarter earnings report has succeeded in calming the ire of Synacor's dissonant shareholders, who have offered to independently conduct a meeting to overthrow chairman Jordan Levy and other key board members.

Comcast-TWC merger faces California scrutiny, Bright House deal complications

As top Comcast executives visited the FCC to continue lobbying for their proposed $45 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable, elements complicating the deal continued to emerge. For one, the takeover is facing growing opposition outside the Beltway on the state level, with California's public utility commission contributing a memo to the FCC's review process.

TWC beefs up Pac-12 Net carriage in L.A., targets DirecTV

Further solidifying its position of Los Angeles regional sports network supremacy, Time Warner Cable has added five additional Pac-12 Networks channels to its local Sports Pass bundle.

Cable has more broadband than video subscribers, report says

Cable's transformation from just a TV service to a full-blown broadband telecommunications provider is apparently complete. According to research from The Leichtman Group, second quarter 2014 figures show that broadband now accounts for more subscribers than cable TV among the top cable providers.