DirecTV close on SEC Network deal, working with NFL, miles apart on SportsNet LA

DirecTV chairman and CEO Mike White said the satellite company has agreed on rates with ESPN/Disney on the soon-to-launch SEC Network regional sports channel, and is "optimistic" about coming to terms with the National Football League by the end of the year for a crucial renewal of the "NFL Sunday Ticket" package.

Verizon, thePlatform team up on new IP video solution

In a rare case of collaboration between communications-industry giants, Verizon Digital Media Services and Comcast subsidiary thePlatform have announced a strategic alliance to create an end-to-end IP video solution.

Parks: Over 45% of U.S. pay-TV subscribers want cloud-based DVR

With the Supreme Court rendering an earlier legal affirmation of cloud-based DVR technology intact, Parks Associates has found that 45 percent of U.S. pay-TV subscribers are interested in such a service.

DirecTV Q2: Latin American sub growth triples thanks to World Cup

Partially driven by rabid World Cup TV consumption in its overseas point of strength, Latin America, DirecTV reported second-quarter earnings growth of 22 percent to $806 million, with revenue increasing 5 percent year-over-year to $8.1 billion and beating analysts' consensus forecast.

TWC to cover 3M customers with 300 Mbps Maxx service by year-end, including Austin

Time Warner Cable plans to speed up its deployment of Maxx, its all-digital DOCSIS 3.0-based high-speed data offering that delivers speeds of up to 300 Mbps. During its second quarter earnings call, CEO Rob Marcus said that the company will deploy Maxx in a number of markets including Austin, Texas; Dallas; Raleigh, N.C.; and San Diego. The company expects to reach 3 million customers with Maxx by year-end and cover 6 million customers by year-end 2015.

Charter Q2: Video subscriber losses slow to 29K

Charter Communications announced a narrowing second-quarter loss on a growing broadband subscriber base and reduced losses among TV video customers.

Barry Diller really is done with Aereo, takes write-down on company

Aereo has pledged to fight on after its landmark Supreme Court defeat in late June, seeking to reclassify itself as a pay-TV operator and obtain a statutory license to retransmit broadcast TV signals. As for the company's primary investor, Barry Diller, it looks like he's done.

Windstream REIT plan kicks up stock price...and possibly a cable industry trend

Windstream Communications sent its stock soaring when it revealed that it's spinning off its copper and fiber network assets into a tax-shielded real estate investment trust, then leasing them back.

Cablevision expands board, adds industry vet Steve Simmons

Cablevision has named longtime cable industry executive Steve Simmons to its board of directors, expanding the panel to 18 members.

Investor's rejection imperils 'Sky Europe' pay-TV giant

Crispin Odey, who manages the hedge fund that's the second biggest investor in Sky Deutschland, and who is also the former son-in-law of Fox chief Rupert Murdoch, has rejected a deal that would create the biggest pay-TV operator in Europe.

Time Warner looks to get bigger HBO revenue cut from pay-TV operators

Under pressure to from investors to wring more revenue out of its crown jewel, Time Warner Inc. will use its upcoming affiliate licensing renewals for HBO to get a bigger cut of the premium channel's revenue from pay-TV operators.

Authentication, awareness are big issues, but TVE must get licensing straightened out first

More than 60 months after Time Warner, Inc. chief Jeff Bewkes and Comcast grand puba Brian Roberts first introduced the broad, sweeping industry-wide initiative known as TV Everywhere, this vital link to pay-TV's future remains a broken web of incomplete rights negotiations.

Four reasons why TV Everywhere isn't ready for prime time: A simple look at a complex problem

More than five years after its introduction, U.S. pay TV's complex multiscreen initiative, TV Everywhere, remains a work in progress. Despite record streaming audiences for the World Cup on ESPN and Univision, the industry is struggling in areas like authentication, audience measurement, and consumer awareness. FierceCable explores four key issues keeping TV from being truly everywhere.

AT&T and Netflix struck interconnection deal in May, companies reveal

That time in early June, when AT&T legislative affairs chief Jim Cicconi zinged Netflix for "double talk" in the net neutrality debate? Just part of the honeymoon, it appears.

Wheeler letter to Marcus urges TWC to clean up its SportsNet LA mess

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has sent a letter to Time Warner Cable chief executive Rob Marcus, demanding he do something--soon--to end a carriage dispute that has blacked out Dodgers baseball games in 70 percent of the Los Angeles market this season.

Windstream shares spike more than 12% following REIT plan announcement

Nasdaq shares for Windstream Communications' holding company ended trading Tuesday, July 29 up 12.35 percent after the company revealed that it was spinning off its copper and fiber assets into a real estate investment trust (REIT) and leasing them back.

Independent Show: Small cable operators consider ditching video services

With programming costs accelerating upward, a number of smaller cable operators are thinking what was, just a few years ago, the unthinkable--ditching video services.

AT&T AdWorks to enable mobile-device targeting for TV advertisers

Signaling its renewed focus on targeted TV advertising, AT&T's advanced advertising unit, AdWorks, announced an upgrade to its TV Blueprint ad network that will allow brands to target audiences based on key mobile device information.

Cable upfront on track for 5% decline, only second drop ever

Confirming the soft TV advertising market just exposed by broadcasters, cable networks are wrapping up a 2014 upfront market that's pacing to be around $500 million, or 5 percent, lighter than last year's $9.9 billion haul.

Update: DirecTV not interested in arbitration with TWC over Dodgers channel

DirecTV appears to have no interest in entering a binding arbitration process with Time Warner Cable over a lengthy carriage impasse that has kept 70 percent of the L.A. market blacked out from Dodgers games this season.