Comcast launches first wave of Xfinity Home third-party integration, promises X1 integration and voice control

comcast xfinity home

Comcast said it is now selling products from third parties that work with its Xfinity Home security and home automation platform. The company announced its intent to integrate third-party products into the offering in May, and today the company said it is now selling its initial batch of integrated products.

SCTE enters 2015 Cable-Tec Expo with clarity of purpose, unclear attendance expectations

Situated in New Orleans next week, will SCTE's Cable-Tec Expo 2015 be able to halt attendance declines, which reached 7 percent last year when the show was based in Denver, right in the heart of cable country? In a conversation with me, SCTE President and CEO Mark Dzuban declined to provide attendance expectations for this year's show. According to Multichannel News, the final attendance tally for last year's event came in at around 9,100, down from 9,800 for the 2013 event, which was held in Atlanta.

Cogent inks TWC to IP interconnection deal, thanks net neutrality

Time Warner Cable and Cogent Communications have jointly announced that they've reached an interconnection deal.

NCTA: There is no need for FCC's DSTAC to produce a CableCard successor for set-tops

The NCTA has urged the FCC to reject calls for a new technology standard aimed at opening the pay-TV set-top market to devices sold at retail.

Who regulates concealed towers and small cells?

As clever tower concealments continue to proliferate, the industry behind this camoflage may need to take a look at who is responsible for regulating these innovative disguises.

DirecTV launches pay-TV's first virtual reality app

DirecTV says it's taking a "first jab" into the area of virtual reality, launching a smartphone app that lets customers see highlights from the June 27 BKB fight event at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Supreme Court appears troubled about what to do with DirecTV class action suit

A class-action suit filed by a group of California DirecTV subscribers over early cancellation fees has presented a vexing issue for the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Vice Media reportedly set to take over U.S. cable channel, narrows choices to two

Vice Media remains intent on creating its own U.S. cable programming network and is set to take over an existing channel by the end of the year, according to Bloomberg.

Dish and Tegna once again face blackout, with extension set to expire

Dish Network is facing the end of an eight-day extension with TV broadcast group Tegna and could see 47 network affiliates blacked out on its program guide Friday night if a retransmission renewal agreement, or another extension, can't be hammered out.

Amazon is the latest to explore a live-TV streaming service, reports say

Amazon has talked to major media conglomerates including CBS Corp. and Comcast/NBCUniversal  about launching a live-TV streaming service, according to Bloomberg.

Charter's acquisition of TWC and Bright House draw mostly positive comments

While Comcast's attempt to buy Time Warner Cable last year produced thousands of negative public comments, the input for Charter Communications' bid to purchase both TWC and Bright House Networks has so far drawn far less inflammatory reactions.

AT&T's U-verse and Tribune extend retrans talks to Oct. 13

Tribune Media has agreed to another extension of its expired retrans deal with AT&T's U-verse, staving off a possible blackout involving 24 local TV stations on U-verse until 5 p.m. EST on Oct. 13.

Report: Media General's shareholders rebel against $2.4B bid for Meredith amid Nexstar intrusion

According to a report from the NY Post citing unnamed sources familiar with the situation, Media General doesn't have enough shareholder support to acquire Meredith for $2.4 billion. The merger would have created the third largest TV station operator in the United States.

Cox, Cable One charge ahead with all-digital deployment plans

Cox Communications and Cable One continue to charge ahead with all-digital conversions in Midwest and Southern regional markets.

Amazon made 'dumb move' by pulling Google and Apple streaming devices

Last week, Amazon raised eyebrows when it told its sellers not to list Google Chromecast and Apple TV streaming devices in its marketplace.

Hulu expands content deal with Viacom; conglomerates continue to steer away from Netflix

Hulu announced a major renewal and expansion of its content deal with Viacom, a move that underscores the battle among Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and other high-profile streaming video services.

As 4K stresses HDMI cables, new certification programs emerge

HDMI cables, for the most part, haven't been put to the test by HD. With HD signals demanding far less than the 18 Gbps capacity of most cables, manufacturing errors often don't reveal themselves.

Analyst: Go90, Watchable the results of 'overthinking' the demand for millennial-focused content

As younger consumers -- and older ones, too -- unquestionably migrate to different TV video consumption habits, operators like Verizon and Comcast may be "over-thinking" the demands for new kinds of content.

Roku officially debuts $130 4K streaming device

roku 4

After weeks of speculation, Roku formally unveiled its $130 Roku 4 streaming box, which imbues 4K streaming capability into the Roku ecosystem for the first time.

Starz back in merger talks with Lionsgate, reportedly the 'advanced' kind

Starz is reportedly back in merger talks with Lionsgate, with the two John Malone-backed media companies continuing to seek bulk and scale amid a consolidating pay-TV market. According to multiple...