NCAA tourney sets video streaming record; Turner calls it a 'watershed' event for TV Everywhere

Television viewership ratings for the NCAA's Final Four basketball games may have gone down this year after a move from broadcast to cable, but a newly important viewing source—live video streaming—was a big winner, and TV Everywhere began to show its worth, details released by Turner Sports indicate.

What cord cutters? AT&T reaction shows there's still demand for wires

AT&T's plans to start replacing conventional telephone wireline service with U-verse VoIP are hitting resistance from consumers who, apparently, like the old way of doing things and are making sure that regulators know it.

The Weather Channel concedes, returns to DirecTV lineup

The Weather Channel has returned to DirecTV, but in a move that may have repercussions for other retransmission disputes, it's the channel, not the service provider, that made concessions so that the return could happen.

Comcast outlines TWC plans for FCC; prepares to face harsh critic at Senate hearing

It's a busy week for the folks at Comcast as they rev up their efforts to bring Time Warner Cable into the Xfinity family.

IPTV: Japan's NTT Plala trying 4K; Swisscom deploying Android boxes

IPTV set-top box technology veered off in modern directions at two opposite ends of the world when Sumitomo Electric Networks said it would supply UltraHD (aka 4K) set-top boxes to Japan's largest IPTV provider NTT Plala and Marvell said it was developing an 802.11ac Android IPTV set-top box for Swisscom.

Broadcasters: new multi-device TV standard will drive industry into the 21st Century

TV broadcasters should quickly figure out new ways to use technology to deliver their content and message to multiple devices rather than succumb to pressure to give up spectrum to wireless carriers, speakers at the 2014 NAB Show said.

WWE Network pins down 667K online video subs

About 667,287 subscribers have already given the WWE's new online network a thumbs up—at $9.99 a month with a requisite six month buy-in—and projections are that the number will grow to a million by the end of the year.

Report: Canadians slicing the TV cord on pace with U.S. counterparts

New research from the Toronto-based Convergence Consulting Group indicates that Canadians are snipping the TV cords at a pace that rivals than their counterparts in the U.S.

Cablevision ups the ante with multi-room DVR

Cablevision has joined the parade of cable, satellite and telco MVPDs offering multi-tuner, multi-room DVR functionality for their residential broadband customers.

AT&T bundles TV, Internet and HBO to attract cord cutters

AT&T has put its own spin on the ever-popular package bundle with a $39 offering that includes HBO and its mobile app HBO Go, 18 Mbps Internet access (24 Mbps for an additional $10 a month) and U-verse basic TV.

Analyst: MSOs, wireless carriers should partner to move eyeballs to mobile devices

Cable operators looking to expand the reach of their content should consider partnering with wireless carriers to get their content onto mobile screens, according to an analyst that covers the pay-TV and over-the-top content space.    

Report says worldwide IPTV sub base will hit 128 million in 2014

IPTV may be stutter-stepping across the U.S., but it's going gangbusters picking up new subscribers elsewhere in the world, according to the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute's...

Dish, Hearst Television battle over retrans contract

Dish Network and Hearst Television are in the final hours of a retransmission battle that could black out 29 local Hearst TV stations in as many markets.

Imagine Communications acquires Digital Rapids as part of TV Everywhere focus

Imagine Communications, less than a month old as a standalone company, continues to grow and define its new focus for broadcasters competing with online video and pay-TV providers in the growing IP video space by acquiring IP- and file-based media processing solutions provider Digital Rapids.

Yahoo, Google reportedly plotting more 'conventional' TV plays

Yahoo is planning to get into high-end video programming and Google is again revamping the way it approaches the TV space with Android TV, according to a pair of published reports.

Comcast-Time Warner Cable questions bubble up as Senate hearing approaches

Questions and concerns are bubbling to the surface as Comcast prepares to justify its proposed $45.2 billion Time Warner Cable acquisition to the Senate Judiciary Committee this Wednesday.

Final Four viewership down 11 percent after games move to cable

In the end, three cable channels were apparently unable to level the playing field with one broadcaster.

IP video's moneymaking potential

We've seen a lot of momentum in the IP video space over the past few months as major players in the space race to stake their claim in this rapidly shifting area.  Programmers and distributors are forming alliances with each other and with device makers in the hope of finding the best avenue to the consumer.

Cognitive to power interactive TV trial for station groups in Pearl joint venture

Automatic content recognition technology firm Cognitive Networks said it plans to test an interactive television service with several major TV station groups in Atlanta, Cleveland, and Orlando. The test will involve delivering interactive content to viewers watching live news using IP-connected TVs from LG.

IHS: Broadcast equipment sales will jump to $69B by 2017

Professional broadcast equipment sales jumped to $63 billion globally last year, which was a 52 percent increase compared to 2007, IHS Technology Professional Video Research said