Peoples Communication uses Skitter to push IPTV into East Texas

Peoples Telephone Cooperative subsidiary Peoples Communication, in the midst of a 600-mile fiber transport network expansion in East Texas, has chosen Skitter TV's advanced IPTV platform as the way it plans to offer a mix of television services.

Shaw cutting 400 jobs, restructuring operations

Shaw Communications will lay off 400 management and non-customer facing employees and hire up to 100 others as part of a companywide restructuring that will, the MVPD hopes, "improve overall efficiency while enhancing its ability to grow as the leading content and network experience company."

Mediacom hikes broadband speeds to 305 Mbps to compete with CenturyLink

Facing competition from telco CenturyLink in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Mediacom is reportedly looking to raise its broadband speeds to 305 Mbps via what it calls the Ultra 305 level of service.

Viacom-NCTC programming deal rejected by community-owned operator MPW

Muscatine Power and Water, a local utility and digital cable TV provider in Iowa, has decided it would rather switch off than fight when it comes to the newly negotiated program carriage agreement between the National Cable Television Cooperative and Viacom. Multiple NTSC members, including one of the largest, Cable One, have also rejected the agreement.

zeebox rebrands as Beamly to move beyond second screen into social TV

Conceding that the second screen is only a limited application, zeebox has relaunched itself as Beamly and will now focus on "the art of social television."

Franken rails against Comcast-TWC merger, says media companies fear retaliation

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, the only member of the Senate Judiciary Committee to openly oppose Comcast's proposed $45.2 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable during a public hearing last week, took his offensive to the cable airwaves yesterday.

Mass Relevance, Viacom advance social media measurement

Viacom will use the EchoGraph social media measurement platform from Mass Relevance to track and analyze social activity of Viacom client campaigns across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Google+ and YouTube.

Cable operators ally to chase cloud-based Wi-Fi, as Los Angeles resurrects its citywide plan

Large businesses are the primary target of an alliance of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Google, Microsoft and the CEA, which have banded together as WifiForward with the goal of freeing up spectrum to more efficiently manage wireless services across adjoining networks.

Comcast's Roberts and Burke rake in $31M, while Cablevision execs take pay cut

The top execs at the nation's top MSO, Comcast, each pulled in more than $31 million in total compensation in 2013 with CEO Brian Roberts leading the way at $31.4 million and Steve Burke, now chief executive of NBCUniversal, gaining $31.1 million.

CNN launches interactive app to put viewers in control of content

CNN, in an effort to stay relevant in a minute-by-minute news space that it probably created, has introduced a live news service, CNNx, that it said will let viewers choose stories and other content in real time.

Samsung building hybrid IP set-top boxes for Singapore telco StarHub

Samsung is building and launching a line of three new hybrid set-top boxes in collaboration with Singapore MVPD StarHub.

UConn, Comcast collaborate on computer security analysis

Longtime collaborators Comcast and the University of Connecticut (UConn) have boosted their relationship by establishing the Center of Excellence for Security Innovation (CS) at UConn's Storrs, Conn. campus.

400K sign consumer-group petition opposing Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger

Consumer-interest groups Common Cause, Consumers Union, Daily Kos, Demand Progress, Free Press and Working Families have gathered 400,000 signatures on a petition opposing Comcast's proposed $45.2 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable. The organizations said the petition will be presented to the FCC and Department of Justice as those organizations review the proposed deal.

Shaw revenues up even as cable subscriber numbers continue to fall

Shaw Communications said it lost 20,758 cable TV subscribers in the second quarter, an improvement over the year-ago period when it lost 29,525 customers, but still part of an ongoing customer drain. The Canadian MSO added 12,767 high-speed data customers, compared to 7,675 in the year-ago period and now has 1.98 million cable TV subs and 1.9 million Internet subs to go along with 892,837 satellite TV customers (down 1,405 in the quarter).

Aereo setting up shop in Google Play store

Aereo, the cloud-based antenna and DVR technology currently in a death struggle with broadcasters and the U.S. Justice Department over the right to exist, is moving ahead with plans to become an app in the Google Play store.

Comcast-TWC may have allies in TV station owners

The nation's largest TV station owners have a good reason to support—or at least not oppose—a $45.2 billion merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

NAB in a snapshot: technology of the future and whimsy of the present for 98,000 people

The National Association of Broadcasters' annual gathering in Las Vegas is more than a chance for broadcasters to get together and kvetch and plot, it's also the opportunity for vendors to show off a plethora of technological advances that may be part of tomorrow's reality--or may just be part of today's whimsy.

AT&T drives ultra-high-speed broadband into competitive markets in Texas and North Carolina

The digital divide is opening up once again. This time, though, the gap is between those with ultra-high-speed 1 Gbps broadband service and those with more conventional service.

Data, U.S. cable operations drive 18 percent better second quarter results at Cogeco Cable

An expanded data services offering and U.S. cable businesses—and a little help from Canadian cable operations as well--drove up Cogeco Cable profits by 18 percent in the second quarter, the company reported.

Charter mulls competing to acquire Time Warner Cable

Even as Comcast and Time Warner Cable executives put on a united front defending Comcast's $45.2 billion takeover of TWC, Charter Communications, a spurned suitor for the nation's second biggest MSO, is mulling a bidding war.