Comcast expands Xfinity X1 rollout to California

Comcast said it is expanding the rollout of its cloud-based Xfinity X1 platform to cable systems west of the Mississippi, beginning with San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno and Santa Barbara, Calif.

NASDAQ delists KIT Digital for failing to file Q3 earnings report

Nearly three weeks after KIT Digital said it would restate three years of earnings reports because of accounting mistakes, the video software provider said late Monday that NASDAQ delisted its stock.

Riddle me this, readers. What do MVPD competition and the weather have in common?

Karl Bode's appropriately cynical coverage of comments by Time Warner COO Rob Marcus caused a riddle to bubble up in my brain. Marcus, speaking at the Broadcast and Cable/Multichannel News OnScreen Summit, essentially downplayed Google's 1 Gbps fiber optic system in Kansas City.

Pace says it wants Motorola

Pace Plc has confirmed it was part of a group bidding on Google's Motorola Home Business unit.

Samsung's $5M investment in Delivery Agent could propel t-commerce on connected TVs

T-commerce technology vendor Delivery Agent said it secured a $5 million investment from Samsung's venture capital arm.

Spotlight: Otto Berkes, Xbox cofounder, to replace HBO's Zitter

HBO has announced that Otto Berkes, the cofounder of the original Microsoft Xbox gaming platform, will step forward to take the reins as chief technology officer when current CTO Bob Zitter steps down in March 2013.

TWC COO Marcus questions whether there's a need for 1 Gbps service

Google Fiber's 1 Gbps service in Kansas City has left open a number of questions, not the least of which is whether there's a need for that kind of speed, Time Warner Cable COO Rob Marcus said at the Broadcast and Cable/Multichannel News OnScreen Summit.

Pace, Arris reportedly leading bidders for Moto cable business

Google has reportedly received "multiple bids" for its iconic Motorola Home Business unit.

Comcast licenses X1 RDK to Solekai Systems

Engineering services company Solekai Systems has become the latest vendor to license Comcast's Reference Development Kit (RDK) for creating IP and Tru2way set-top boxes, media gateways and other gear to support the cable TV operator's cloud-based Xfinity X1 programming service.

NCTA's Powell fears sports programming costs could draw federal scrutiny

NCTA chief and former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell has become the latest cable TV industry voice to be heard criticizing rampant hikes in the value of sports programming rights.

Digital TV Labs tasked with developing IPTV test standards

esting technology vendor Digital TV Labs has been tasked by the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) with developing a test suite and assorted peripherals to "enable the certification of OIPF-conformant IPTV, OTT and hybrid devices," the two organizations said in a news release.

Amino lands new customer for Live gateway platform

Set-top box vendor Amino Technologies has landed a new contract from a large European telecom operator to deploy set-top boxes based on Amino's Live media gateway platform technology for supporting hybrid video services.

Report: Sprint pitches partnership to Dish

Mobile giant Sprint reportedly has proposed a partnership to satellite TV provider Dish Network under which Sprint could gain access to Dish's valuable spectrum while the satellite player uses Sprint's network to launch its own long-anticipated mobile service.

WCIT hits the fan over Internet regulation

FierceTelecom is tracking some developing controversy at the ongoing World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT). The United Arab Emirates, backed by other countries, including Russia, has submitted a proposal targeting changes to current international telecom regulations on Internet governance.

Basic cable tier encryption allowed starting today

A rule enabling cable TV companies to encrypt their basic service tiers of programming goes into effect today, though it is not entirely clear how quickly service providers will jump to take advantage of the rule.

AT&T unveils 'beyond TV' U-verse initiatives

AT&T plans to expand the number and types of services it offers across its IP-based U-verse network to "disrupt" the models of new market segments, company executives said during a consumer industry analyst conference held recently in Atlanta and reported by Telecompetitor.

Boxed out: Deutsche Telekom, TeliaSonera avoid the set-top

Even as a new round of set-tops move through FCC approvals, a pair of international multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs)--TeliaSonera and Deutsche Telekom--are planning a business without them.

Verizon faces media storm from targeted advertising patent

That story we broke last Friday about a targeted advertising patent application from Verizon resulted in quite a media storm this week, with dozens of local and national media outlets running stories about the possibility of Verizon using cameras and microphones to monitor the conversations and possessions of subscribers.

FCC could attempt to regulate usage-based broadband pricing, commissioner Pai warns

Republican FCC commissioner Ajit Pai warned Thursday that the FCC could attempt to regulate the pricing of usage-based broadband packages next year if its net neutrality rules are upheld by an appellate court.

Mediacom to launch channel for Iowa State

Mediacom struck a five-year deal with Iowa State University to launch a dedicated channel featuring college sports programming in early 2013.