Wave Broadband, Astound to deploy co-branded TiVo products

The 415,000 residential and business customers who receive their cable and Internet services from Wave Broadband and Astound in the Pacific Northwest will get access to co-branded versions of TiVo's whole home products and services as part of an overarching partnership between TiVo and Wave Division Holdings.

Cox Media, INVIDI set addressable TV advertising trial

Cox Communications' advertising division, Cox Media, is giving addressable advertising a look as part of its "ongoing strategy to develop advanced advertising products and new programmic sales capabilities," according to a corporate press release.

Netflix, Arris stocks rocked by Comcast-Apple rumors

The suggestion that Comcast and Apple might get together and create a streaming service has negatively impacted stocks of two bystanding companies--Arris and Netflix.

Cable news loses eyes, online and local news gain viewers, report says

Perhaps it's the glut of always-on news programming or the strident argumentative styles adopted by today's cable news programs, but viewers are moving away from traditional cable news outlets and moving toward both online and local news, a report from the Pew Research Center said.

Verizon tops Consumer Reports ranking while Comcast, Time Warner Cable tumble

In what is becoming an ongoing event, a Consumer Reports survey found that "very few consumers think they're getting a great deal" when it comes to Internet and TV services.

Choice Cable asks for CableCARD deadline extension

Puerto Rican cable operator Choice Cable TV would like a little more time before it must deploy set-tops with CableCARD integrated security. The operator is seeking an FCC waiver to extend the Aug. 24 deadline by "at least" three years.

Aereo's Kanojia: We either win or disappear

There's no "Plan B" for Aereo: It either wins its copyright battle with broadcasters in the Supreme Court battle or it disappears from the video landscape, CEO Chet Kanojia said in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

Political savvy could help Comcast overcome public opposition to TWC deal

Deep pockets for lobbying, political connections that cross borders from municipalities to the federal government, and just plain political savvy could help Comcast overcome opposition from consumer groups to its proposed multi-billion-dollar acquisition of Time Warner Cable.

Startup takes aim at cable's content 'stranglehold' with white-label mobile TV service

Updated: Following a business model that eschews subscription fees and encourages "celebs and organizations" to sell ad space and their own products directly on a mobile screen, Private Label Mobile TV "hopes to further loosen the stranglehold of cable television providers."

Apple recruits cable TV veterans, spurring rumors about streaming deal

Apple may or may not cut a deal with Comcast, but it seems apparent that the gadget maker is serious about making some waves in the cable space, bulking up its employee base with cable TV veterans who have deep industry expertise.

Pay TV subscribers in North America to grow by 5M, report says

Doomsayers and apparent trends aside, a report by Digital TV Research said that nearly 5 million more pay-TV subscribers will sign up for service in North America by 2020. However, the research firm predicts pay-TV penetration will drop from 87 percent to 83.8 percent.

Writers Guild asks FCC to reject Comcast-TWC merger

Contending that a merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable "would give too much power over broadcast and cable networks," the Writers Guild of America has asked the FCC to block any such action.

NCTC, Viacom retransmission dispute nears deadline

A March 31 deadline is quickly approaching for the 890 members of the National Cable Television Cooperative to sign a new retransmission deal with Viacom or lose access to a bevy of channels such as MTV, BET and Comedy Central.

Cogent won't enter peering deals with carriers, will help upgrade broadband connections

Cogent Communications CEO Dave Schaeffer has extended an olive branch of sorts to broadband service providers at loggerheads with the backbone provider over traffic costs.

Net neutrality wars: AT&T exec calls Netflix's Hastings 'arrogant'

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings' blog post supporting stronger net neutrality and chiding broadband ISPs brought forth a response from AT&T's Jim Cicconi, senior vice president of external and legislative affairs for AT&T, who called Hastings "arrogant" for suggesting "everyone else should pay but Netflix."

Rural South Jersey communities: Verizon reneging on FiOS promise

Verizon is reneging on a two-decade-old pledge to provide broadband service to every New Jersey household, officials in rural Southern New Jersey claim.

Report: Comcast in talks with Apple for streaming service

In what could be a new twist on the old net neutrality conundrum--or perhaps positioning for better government treatment of its proposed Time Warner Cable acquisition--Comcast is reportedly in talks to give Apple TV set-top boxes special treatment on its broadband networks.

The new Comcast? Jefferies trims video growth outlook, boosts NBCU

If Comcast were still just a cable company, it would be in trouble, according to the latest commentary from Jefferies equity analyst Mike McCormack, who lowered the company's video growth outlook but raised its NBCUniversal forecast.

Verizon defends FiOS VOD against group's pornography charges

FiOS on-demand provides an opportunity for viewers to selectively choose what suits their tastes--even if that selection includes programming that organizations like Morality in Media (MIM) find offensive and pornographic, a Verizon executive wrote in response to an ongoing demand from the anti-pornography organization.

DirecTV boss takes home just $12.5M in 2013

DirecTV Chairman-CEO Michael White took home about 30 percent less money in 2013 compared to 2012, according to a company proxy statement that listed White's total compensation in 2013 as $12.5 million, compared to $18 million in 2012.