Here we go again: Apple reportedly in talks with programmers about OTT service

After numerous failed attempts to "re-invent" the television experience, Apple is reportedly set to take another bite.

Charter's Rutledge: Title II a 'heavy handed regulatory solution for problem that doesn't exist'

Speaking at Charter Communications' fourth-quarter earnings call Thursday, company president and CEO Tom Rutledge said stringent Title II-oriented regulation likely to be passed by the FCC won't have a material impact on the cable industry.

Cut-rate bundles are not a valid competitive response to Sling TV

Reviews of Dish Network's new OTT service generally say that it is technologically elegant, but lacking in the breadth and depth of programming necessary to render it "game-changing." Yet Sling TV has a few key differentiating factors that make it more than just a cheaper version of cable.

Wheeler's Title II plan could unwind Netflix-Comcast deal, other interconnection pacts

As the cable industry assess the broader impact of strict Title II regulation of the Internet, one significant factor already appears likely: interconnection deals, such as the one Comcast notoriously carved out with Netflix last year, could go away.

Wheeler confirms it: new net neutrality rules will reclassify broadband under Title II

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler revealed Wednesday that his proposed new net neutrality rules will reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu drive 12.7% drop in live TV viewing in January, analyst says

Viewership of live TV declined 12.7 percent in January, said Nomura analyst Anthony DiClemente, who has become the latest media investment pundit to attribute such a drop to streaming subscription video on demand (SVOD) services.

Disney profits soar 19% despite ESPN deals eating into cable performance

Despite softness in one of pay-TV's most powerful programming engines, the Walt Disney Company reported a 19 percent uptick in fourth-quarter profits Wednesday.

Canoe: Ad impressions more than tripled from Q1 to Q4 to 2.52B

Cable industry consortium Canoe says its campaign for dynamic ad insertion into VOD more than tripled from Q1 to Q4 in terms of impressions, with the last quarter of 2014 producing 2.52 billion impressions.

MaxLinear acquires Entropic for $287M

MaxLinear Inc., a provider of set-top box circuitry to the pay-TV market, has acquired Entropic Communications, a maker of semiconductor solutions for the connected home.

Up to 83% of cable industry power use comes from headend, hub HFC network, SCTE says

Between 73 percent and 83 percent of all cable industry power consumption is accounted for by hubs and headends, as well as the active equipment on the HFC network. This data comes courtesy of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers 2020 initiative, which released results of a recent study during a Tuesday session in Herndon, Va.

FCC to include wireless in push to reclassify broadband under Title II, reports say

As has been widely expected, multiple media reports indicate that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will introduce a draft order to codify net neutrality rules that would reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

What audience fragmentation? Super Bowl averages 114.4M viewers, is most watched TV show ever

Proving once again that football defies the atomization of the video program marketplace, NBC's presentation of Super Bowl XLIX Sunday was the most watched TV show of all time.

SeaChange lays off 10 percent of staff

Video software maker SeaChange International announced Monday that it will lay off 10 percent of its global workforce, resulting in the loss of about 70 jobs.

Dish becomes latest pay-TV operator to raise prices

Dish Network has become the latest pay-TV operator to announce significant rate increases, upping the price of its "America's Top 120" and "America's Top 200" programming tiers by $5 a month.

Report: HBO looks to Apple, Roku, Microsoft as it tries to market a la carte service sans pay-TV

Time Warner Inc. has been unable to get pay-TV operators to help it market its new a la carte HBO service, so it is looking for new partners in the online media realm.

Comcast and TWC investors begin to sweat merger as yet another dissonant group emerges

Yet another group opposed to a merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable emerged Monday.

Sling TV to add Univision to program guide

Dish Network has signed a deal with Univision to put the Spanish-language programmer's channels onto the new Sling Television OTT service.

FCC commissioner objects to Dish's 'small business' discounts in AWS-3

FCC commissioner Ajit Pai sharply criticized rules that allowed Dish Network to claim more than $3 billion in discounts aimed at small businesses during the government's just completed AWS-3 wireless spectrum auction.

Former Comcast customer service guru Frank Eliason pens open letter to ex-employer

As Comcast deals with yet another viral crisis stemming from customer service reps mutilating subscriber names in the company's billing system, the cable conglomerate's former customer care guru, Frank Eliason, has penned an open letter urging his ex-employer to shape up.

Goodell says NFL will aggressively pursue OTT as Super Bowl shows limits of live streaming

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell used his annual "State of the League" pre-Super Bowl address to announce that the league is looking to stream a regular season game for the first time. All previous live streams of National Football League games have involved playoffs or the Super Bowl.