[Webinar] Integrated Voice Recognition and Activation Technologies


Moderated by:
Daniel Frankel


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Voice-controlled interfaces have moved beyond the iPhone and into applications used by the TV video and home automation services of major cable and satellite operators like Dish Network and Comcast. Fast-improving voice control technology allows pay-TV operators to reduce churn by improving the overall customer experience, enabling users to perform control tasks easier and with fewer involved steps.

In this FierceCable webinar, we'll look at some of the advantages to deploying voice recognition and activation technologies.



Featured Speakers:


Steve Glennon — Principal Architect, Advanced Technology, CableLabs

Steve Glennon primarily works on digital video, virtual reality and voice recognition, while looking at a wide variety of new technologies that can have a material impact on the cable industry. Prior to CableLabs, Glennon held roles in business development, software architecture and software engineering management. Glennon has spent twenty-five years developing digital video platforms and products, including some of the earliest video products for the PC while at IBM. He is an adjunct faculty member in the University of Colorado – Boulder’s Inter-Disciplinary Telecommunications Program and holds seven patents for hardware and software systems. Glennon earned a Bachelors degree in Physics and a Masters degree in Electronics at the University of Durham.



Erik Brannon — Senior Analyst, Television Media, IHS

Erik Brannon serves as a Senior Analyst/Researcher and consultant for IHS Technology, specializing in television media. He has more than 10 years of experience in tracking, modeling and forecasting the US pay TV landscape. Mr. Brannon has been responsible for the development and maintenance of key databases that make up the core of the U.S. television products for IHS. In addition, he has led and assisted with many high-visibility consulting projects. His contributions include the development and maintenance of advanced pay-TV provider models and the development and maintenance of cable network revenue and profit models. Mr. Brannon graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif., U.S. with a Bachelor of Arts in History.


Sponsor Speaker:


Daren Gill — Product VP, Discovery Search and Recommendations R&D, Rovi

Daren Gill joined Rovi through the acquisition of Veveo, and serves as product VP, Advanced Search & Recommendations. Daren was formerly the chief product officer for Veveo where he was responsible for the roadmap and development of Veveo's search, recommendations and conversation products across TV, mobile and connected devices. Daren has 20 years of media and entertainment experience, and over 10 years focused on personalization and recommendations across entertainment media. Daren served as SVP of New Product Development at ChoiceStream and was instrumental in the design of personalization features in products for Apple, AOL, and Yahoo! Daren began his career as an attorney focused on entertainment law, but left private practice to co-found the Hear Music record label, which was later acquired by Starbucks. He is a frequent industry speaker on the subject of personalization, search and content discovery.

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