CBS's announces online video partnerships

CBS has had enough of Fox and NBC dominating premium online video content with Hulu. The Big Eye is attempting to turn its domain into a true online video destination. CBS, which acquired the domain as part of its $1.8 billion CNet buy, is quickly uploading large amounts of its new and classic TV content onto the site, which it redesigned and reinvigorated one month ago.

Today, the company also announced content deals with Sony, PBS, MGM and Showtime. will now have episodes of CBS shows like "How I Met Your Mother," "The Partridge Family," and "Two and a Half Men" available for live streaming.

What's really interesting about's strategy is how many Hulu embeds it currently runs. All of the site's current top 10 shows are on other networks and either play as Hulu embeds or don't have full episodes on the site. Its partnership deal with Hulu makes look pretty similar to its competitor, but CBS executives say's larger and more developed online community of fans will help it differentiate.'s marketing message is also interesting to consider, as material on its website states its value proposition as: "No one else can put marketers in bed with today's hottest TV franchises and brands in such a relevant, efficient way as The site's innovative, integrated marketing programs benefit advertisers and viewers alike."

Quite a statement, considering garnered 4.8 million unique visitors in November, compared to 22.5 million for Hulu, according to comScore statistics. 

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