The First Streaming Democratic Convention

TV networks, newspapers and magazines are all scrambling to forge a web presence for the highly anticipated nomination of Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention Aug. 25 in Denver, and online video will be a large part of most offerings.

The 2008 convention will see major departures from previous coverage styles, as online video has flourished since 2004 in the YouTube era. Google's "Big Tent," which the search company set up for bloggers covering the convention, will also host streaming video site UStream. UStream will provide live coverage of the entire convention.

Newsweek and The Washington Post will team to provide live online video from 4 to 6 p.m. and 7 to 11 p.m. each night of the convention. C-SPAN has set up a site that will allow bloggers and other non-affiliated journalists to upload YouTube videos and Qik streams they film at the convention, in addition to their traditional coverage.

The major TV networks are also trying to get in on the online action. CBS reported that Katie Couric will present special, web-only content through, which CBS acquired in June. ABC News will also stream live video from the convention. No word yet on NBC and Fox's online plan, but they are likely to be doing their own spins with NBC using Silverlight (again). 

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