SPOTLIGHT: Qik Andressen Cash

Live mobile phone video streaming company and media darling Qik has secured money from Netscape founder Marc Andressen and his long-time biz partner Ben Horowitz. The exact amount wasn't announced, but it is a "significant investment." 

Andressen's "day job" is currently over at social networking site Ning, while Horowitz is the VP and GM of HP's business technology organization unit. The two also teamed up on Internet hosting company Loudcloud, a business ultimately bought by HP for $1.6 billion. So the two man can afford a "significant investment."

Qik allows users to stream live video directly from their mobile phones, and the company has racked up a number of significant PR wins with bloggers, professional journalists and House Republican John Culberson. At the Democratic National Convention in Denver, C-SPAN is using Qik as one means of covering the event.

However, Quik isn't alone. Livecast is supported by Intel Capital and is a software development favorite of Microsoft, Flixwagon has a direct-to-YouTube widget to its credit, and Kyte is playing the celeb card with 50 Cent and the Jonas Brothers; Kyte also has Nokia, Swisscom and DoCoMo venture money in its pockets.

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