The revival of “Twin Peaks,” which premiered last Sunday, has helped Showtime dramatically boost signups for its OTT streaming service.

Hulu CTO Tian Lim says taking on all the challenges associated with live TV and redesigning Hulu’s platform has been extremely challenging.

CDN provider Limelight is confident it will be able to get its share of video traffic from content providers migrating to a multi-CDN configuration.

Amazon has reportedly put off plans to launch a livestreamed, virtual pay TV service and is instead focusing on its aggregated “Channels” platform. 

Amazon today announced the launch of Amazon Channels in the U.K. and Germany.

Programming costs are too prohibitive to render a nationally streamed skinny bundle of channels profitable, Comcast's CFO said.

Sling Media today rolled out its SlingStudio multicamera production and live video broadcasting system after announcing the product last month at NAB.

Facebook is currently testing products that can help its users find more local news on its platform.

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