Ads feature NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath and are timed with service expansion
to 23,000 more households in Broward

POMPANO BEACH, FL (February 27, 2013) – OMGfast Hi-Speed Internet Service, an Internet provider that began service in South Florida last year, has introduced a lifetime price guarantee to any new customer who signs up by April 30, 2013. The guaranteed price is $29.95 per month for internet service speed of up to 50 mbps. Additionally, no contract is required and there is no installation fee. The offer is being promoted through a market-wide, multi-media advertising campaign that features former NFL superstar Joe Namath and his daughter, Jessica as spokespersons.

The offer and the campaign are being introduced in tandem with the launch of a new tower, making OMGfast accessible to an additional 23,000 serviceable homes in Fort Lauderdale. This is the company's fifth tower. The new tower will bring the total number of serviceable households with access to the OMGfast service up to 90,000. OMGfast already serves residential and small business customers in Margate, Coral Springs, Tamarac and West Boca Raton. The company has also announced plans to launch new towers throughout 2013, expanding its reach into Miami-Dade County.

Darren Nichols, OMGfast's Vice President, said, "The addition of a new tower allows us to extend our reach and service more homes in Broward. So, it is perfect timing that we are introducing the lifetime price guarantee to our new and existing service areas." Nichols continued, "Our spokesman, Joe Namath, is famous for making an unbeatable guarantee about football. We think this latest guarantee is unbeatable too. OMGfast customers are assured that their service fee of $29.95 will never go up for that level of speed."

Nichols also said that consumers have a choice when it comes to internet providers. He mentioned that the OMGfast price is comparable to other providers who offer much slower speed. Nichols asked, "Why should a consumer pay the same money but get less speed? It doesn't make sense these days, when we all have more mobile devices at home like smart phones and tablets that need the internet in order to get access to video, TV, music or games. The more devices you have the more speed you need." He welcomed consumers to visit the company's website, in order to make their own comparison, to get details about the guarantee offer and, to learn more about the OMGfast technology which offers exceptionally fast download capabilities of up to 50Mbps.

About OMGfast Hi-Speed Internet Service

Developed and operated by veterans of the telecommunications industry, OMGfast offers a modern alternative to standard wire-line technologies: a high-bandwidth state-of-the-art wireless delivery system that is engineered from the ground up for Internet service. Customers receive a direct broadband signal from OMGfast's tower transmitters to their homes. Its wireless bandwidth is extensive and the electronics are optimized for Internet service, resulting in download speeds that are significantly faster today with plenty of headroom for future improvement. OMGfast offers premium performance at competitive pricing for single-family homes, condos, apartments, MDU's and small businesses.

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