PTC Applauds Cablevision Antitrust Suit against Viacom for Network Bundling


Consumers, Not Programmers, Should Choose Which Networks To Buy

Los Angeles Today the Parents Television Council heralded its support for Cablevisions antitrust lawsuit against Viacom for the forced bundling of cable networks. PTC President Tim Winter issued the following statement:

We are overjoyed at todays announcement that Cablevision is seeking the relief that consumers and especially families have long been waiting for. In a free marketplace, consumers not the programmers would be able to decide for themselves which cable networks they want to purchase.

We are heartened by the initial flurry of comments coming from within the cable industry. What they have been telling us privately for years is now being said publicly and on-the-record for the first time.

We call on other cable distributors to join with Cablevision, and we call on the other conglomerate bundlers of cable programming, like NBC Universal, Disney, News Corp and others, to respond to market demand and finally give meaningful choices to cable consumers.