Rovi Unveils a New Platform to Bridge Cable and CE Environments



LAS VEGAS, (CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW 2013), 1/8/2013 - Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ: ROVI), driving digital entertainment innovation, announced that it is developing a new Internet Protocol (IP) software platform, Rovi Services Gateway, that would enable pay-TV service providers to cost-effectively introduce IP-based, multi-screen services and applications to their cable ecosystem.  Rovi Services Gateway is designed to be deployed as a new service layer in the home that allows cable services and CE devices to connect, communicate and interact with each other. The software service platform may also help service providers progressively transition to IPTV services.

"Today's pay-TV environment is limited by the capabilities of the set-top box. Consumers, familiar with a variety of internet-connected devices, want more from their entertainment experience," said Matt Milne, EVP of products, sales and marketing for Rovi.  "The introduction of Rovi Services Gateway is designed to open up the ability for service providers to add new services, applications and user interfaces to enhance the consumer experience without the cost of a complete infrastructure change. We believe it presents cable TV service providers with a path to re-think their subscriber experience and service deployment."

The difficulties of deploying internet-like capabilities in today's cable offering is that it would require a complete infrastructure overhaul, re-distribution of set-top-boxes in the home and the disruption of cable services to consumers. The recent rise of more entertainment-friendly, personal internet devices, such as the tablet and/or smart phone, has made consumers more accustomed to being able to access their content on any device. 

Rovi Services Gateway is being developed to create a new ecosystem that explores the possibility of going beyond the set-top box as the main content delivery platform in the home, resulting in critical reduction of cost and capital expenditures for service providers. In addition, the new platform is planned to enable service providers to test and develop a transition strategy that combines QAM and streaming in the home that maintains the high quality of services they provide to their customers through cable. 


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