Top 10 pay TV distributor apps: Who makes the cut?


Time Warner Cable's (NYSE: TWC) TWC TV app may not be as slick as Contour, the iPad app Cox Communications unveiled in August. But with TWC TV available on more devices than the apps from any multichannel provider, it tops FierceCable's list of the top 10 pay TV provider apps.

In addition to becoming available on the iPad and iPhone as well as Android devices, TWC TV debuted this year on connected TVs from Samsung and Roku's streaming video set-tops. Time Warner Cable was also one of the first pay TV providers to launch an app on Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) Xbox 360, allowing subscribers with Kinect cameras to navigate programming with voice commands and hand gestures.

While some pay TV distributors have resisted the idea of letting subscribers use interfaces on consumer electronics devices to watch video, Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt has been one of the biggest proponents of supporting apps on new devices and platforms. "If somebody wants to use the interface that comes with one device or another, that's fine. We're going to continue to have ours. If there's a better one--as long as they buy video from us--I don't care," Britt said on an earnings call in August 2012. -Steve



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