Interactive patient care: Optimum Lightpath


Optimum Lightpath

FierceCable Fierce 15 winnerWhere it's based: Jericho, N.Y.
When it was founded: 1988

Why it's Fierce: Generally vendors are handcuffed by non-disclosure agreements that prohibit them from naming service provider customers. In the case of Optimum Lightpath, just the opposite is true. Cablevision Systems' business services unit has declined to name any vendor supplying equipment for its innovative Interactive Patient Care application. It is willing, however, to say who's using the service: the Children's Hospital at Montefiore.

"Automated patient education is an integral component of the service (which is being provided by Optimum Lightpath and its partner GetWellNetwork in the New York metro area). It lets nurses order education programs specific to each patient and track its completion all from their current Electronic Health Record system," the service provider explained.

In short, the Interactive Patient Care application "empowers hospital to improve entertainment, education, patient safety, clinical care outcomes and bed turnover rates ... by transforming hospital in-room televisions into valuable tools for clinical teaching and entertainment." Beats what you usually get in a hospital room: bad food, bad vibes and bad television with a bad picture.

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