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Latest Headlines

AOL's Ackerman outlines the new crossroads between digital video, television

Verizon's $4 billion buy of AOL last year was initially a bit of a surprise to the industry, but made sense in the wake of the launch of go90, its mobile-first, ad-supported video streaming service. But although the provider is supporting digital advertising efforts around go90, Dan Ackerman, vice president of programmatic TV at AOL, says that the service is just one part of its broader portfolio.

Showtime's Christie: OTT subscribers are 'just too big a segment to overlook'

Tom Christie has been with premium network Showtime for more than two decades, and has seen the cable industry rise and fall and now, possibly, rise again thanks to changing technologies and consumer demands. In the midst of all the industry sturm und drang, however, he says the last five years have been the best of Showtime's existence.

Thomas Might on Cable One's transformation and how much time it has left in the video business

Thomas Might calls it "The Road Show" — a PowerPoint-driven look at Cable One's four-year transformation from a company struggling with declining video service margins into a leaner, more efficient operation focused on more profitable connectivity services. Last year, around 46 percent of the MSO's $807.3 million in revenue came from broadband services, up from just 30 percent in 2010. And while operating cash flow margins for video services are at negative 25 percent, margins for high-speed Internet service are in the 50 percent range.

Application Developers Alliance's Jake Ward on resolving 'disconnection' between devs, employers and media

The Application Developers Alliance serves as "a non-profit global membership organization supporting developers as creators, innovators and entrepreneurs." But what does this mean? And how does the ADA support the app development community?

Q&A: Prelaunch.me CEO explains its approach to help game devs create a fan community as early as possible

After all the work it takes to create a mobile game, developers often have to immediately turn around and start finding players once it goes live. Prelaunch.me is a way to help them get a head start on that process.  FierceDeveloper recently spoke by phone with Asakura about what PreLaunch.me will mean for the future of mobile game user acquisition and retention. This interview has been edited and condensed. 

YipTV's Tribolet: We're a first-tier platform for our audience

Since launching its SVOD service on May 7 with 50 international linear channels, YipTV, a Fierce 15 winner, has been on a growth trajectory content-wise, boosting its available streamed channel to 73 with 25 more pending. YipTV CEO Michael Tribolet sat down with Samantha Bookman to talk about the OTT provider's latest moves, its benefit to immigrant communities in the U.S. looking for a taste of home, and his take on the FCC's consideration of virtual MVPDs.

Canoe's Pizzurro on the company's big pivot to dynamic ad insertion

Describing Canoe's upward trajectory, Chris Pizzurro, head of product sales and marketing for the joint venture, breaks out the old hockey-stick metaphor. For anyone who has been closely following the trajectory of Canoe's puck, this is a bit of a surprise. FierceCable 's Daniel Frankel chats with Pizzurro about Canoe's VOD DAI aspirations.

Yahoo's Utzschneider on the potential of cross-platform advertising

Lisa Utzschneider is a veteran of Amazon and Microsoft who built Amazon's advertising unit to a near-$1 billion business. Now Yahoo's SVP of Sales, Americas, she recently caught up with FierceOnlineVideo Editor Samantha Bookman to share Yahoo Screen's original content strategy and its cross-platform advertising initiative.

NCTA chief Powell on 'unnecessary' net neutrality regs, and Google's unearned popularity

FierceCable caught up with Michael Powell, NCTA president & CEO at his Washington, D.C., office on a typically active day. The cable industry organization had just filed a lawsuit against the FCC around the commission's just-passed net neutrality rules, and the U.S. Department of Justice was reportedly about to nix the merger of Powell's biggest constituents, Comcast and Time Warner Cable.  FierceCable chatted with the former Republican FCC chairman ahead of the org's upcoming INTX show.

Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch on changing programmers' minds, targeted ads, linear TV's 'rabbit hole'

In the past 15 months, programmers have finally opened up to reality that today's mobile TV consumer wants more choice. Roger Lynch, VP of advanced technologies for Dish Network, has had a front-row seat to this dramatic change of attitude. FierceCable recently caught up with Lynch to talk targeted advertising, Dish's work with Disney and the decision to reuse the "Sling" brand.