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Latest Headlines

ACA joins NCTA in seeking to shoot down FCC's AllVid proposal

The American Cable Association joined the NCTA in urging the FCC to abandon a controversial proposal for integrating AllVid pay-TV security tech to support set-tops sold at retail stores.

Comcast says additional AllVid gear would add $1.6B a year in consumer energy costs

Comcast said that the actual deployment of the FCC's "AllVid" proposal would cost consumers $1.6 billion each year in additional energy expenses.

ACA, NCTA issue public support for FCC in effective competition fight with NAB

While battling the FCC in court over Title II Internet re-classification, the ACA and NCTA are backing the agency in its battle with the broadcast industry over its June "effective competition" ruling.

ACA fires back at NAB, says it has no problem with privately negotiated exclusivity arrangements

The American Cable Association has criticized the National Association of Broadcasters for what the cable lobbying org says is the incorrect description of its position on privately negotiated exclusivity arrangements between broadcasters and cable operators.

ACA: 91 small cable systems were shut down in 2014, primarily due to high programming costs

The American Cable Association has filed a research paper with the FCC, claiming that 1,078 small and rural cable systems serving 50,000 subscribers have shut down since 2008, primarily due to fast-increasing programming costs.

Sizing up funding for COMPTEL, TIA, USTelecom and other trade groups

Given the diverse needs of the telecom and cable industries, a number of industry trade groups have emerged to provide advocacy and standards support. What are these groups' yearly revenues and tradeshow income?

Stacking up telecom trade groups' multimillion-dollar revenues

How much revenue are the various U.S.-based telecom trade groups taking in each year? What compensation is their executive leadership receiving?

Cable operators want satellite foes to pay more fees

The American Cable Association and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association have asked FCC to increase the amount of fees that satellite providers must pay per subscriber. The filing is in response to the FCC's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and order that was issued in May in which the FCC said it wanted to charge satellite operators a per-subscriber regulatory fee, just as it does for cable and IPTV companies.

ACA asks FCC to impose conditions on what DirecTV/AT&T can charge cable operators for RSN rights

The American Cable Association has petitioned the FCC to impose merger conditions on AT&T and DirecTV, mandating that the combined company charge cable competitors reasonable prices to carry its five regional sports networks.

USTelecom, CenturyLink, AT&T jointly file for stay of FCC net neutrality rules

USTelecom and its key members AT&T and CenturyLink have filed a petition asking the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to stay the FCC's Open Internet order.