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Latest Headlines

Pay-TV biz lashes out at 'obscure' FCC set-top proposal

Unhappy with what they see as an "obscure" proposal from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler that sounds an awful lot like the "AllVid" scheme they've been stridently resisting for months, the pay-TV industry united Wednesday in a rhetorical show of strength.

ACA collects 228 member signatures on complaint letter to FCC about AMC Networks

Calling the carriage dispute between NCTC and AMC Networks a symptom of a "broken" video marketplace, the American Cable Association has collected 228 member signatures on a letter asking the FCC to intervene in the process.

CenturyLink says ILECs have no advantage in greenfield fiber deployments

CenturyLink said in a letter to the FCC that claims by the ACA and XO Communications-- that ILECs have an advantage over CLECs when it comes to deploying fiber in greenfield deployments-- is counterintuitive and that any advantage that ILECs had in the past has evaporated thanks to recent inroads by CLECs and cable companies.

NCTA tells FCC to ban retrans-related blackouts of online content

After broadcasters and their representative groups were the first to react to the start of the FCC's review of rules governing retransmission licensing talks, the cable industry chimed in with an aggressive counterpoint. Specifically, the National Cable Telecommunications Association (NCTA) has asked the FCC to make new rules banning broadcasters from blocking access to online content during retrans-related blackouts.

ACA lauds FCC's pole-attachment ruling

The American Cable Association has applauded the FCC for adopting an order that brings parity to the amounts that telcos, wireless carriers and cable companies pay to attach equipment to uility poles.

ACA joins NCTA in seeking to shoot down FCC's AllVid proposal

The American Cable Association joined the NCTA in urging the FCC to abandon a controversial proposal for integrating AllVid pay-TV security tech to support set-tops sold at retail stores.

Comcast says additional AllVid gear would add $1.6B a year in consumer energy costs

Comcast said that the actual deployment of the FCC's "AllVid" proposal would cost consumers $1.6 billion each year in additional energy expenses.

ACA, NCTA issue public support for FCC in effective competition fight with NAB

While battling the FCC in court over Title II Internet re-classification, the ACA and NCTA are backing the agency in its battle with the broadcast industry over its June "effective competition" ruling.

ACA fires back at NAB, says it has no problem with privately negotiated exclusivity arrangements

The American Cable Association has criticized the National Association of Broadcasters for what the cable lobbying org says is the incorrect description of its position on privately negotiated exclusivity arrangements between broadcasters and cable operators.

ACA: 91 small cable systems were shut down in 2014, primarily due to high programming costs

The American Cable Association has filed a research paper with the FCC, claiming that 1,078 small and rural cable systems serving 50,000 subscribers have shut down since 2008, primarily due to fast-increasing programming costs.