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Latest Headlines

Do AMC's struggles signal the end of the Peak TV era?

With AMC Networks' stock having fallen 34 percent in one year as ratings on its eponymous flagship network have ebbed significantly, MoffettNathanson analyst Michael Nathanson has declared that AMC's "content cycle is over."

AMC Networks offers buyouts to 200 staffers

With its investors worried about its long-term future as a standalone media company and its stock price in free fall, AMC Networks has offered voluntary buyouts to 200 veteran employees, Deadline Hollywood reports.

AMC Networks still getting dropped by small cable operators despite NCTC deal

Small cable operators are dropping AMC Networks despite a carriage renewal deal carved out earlier this month with their buying cooperative, the NCTC.

Alaska's GCI won't carry AMC or Univision in 2016 because of fee hikes

Alaska cable operator General Communications Inc. (GCI) said it will not carry AMC Networks or Univision in 2016 because of "substantial" hikes in carriage fees for the two networks. The company also is offering its TiVo customers a $50 Visa gift card to encourage them to find AMC content via other alternatives such Vudu and Netflix.

AMC Networks' NCTC licensing demands will raise customer rates by 3%, Cincinnati Bell claims

Firing the latest salvo in the NCTC's carriage battle with AMC Networks, Cincinnati Bell CEO Ted Torbeck said that giving into the programmer's demands would result in a 3 percent spike in pay-TV fees for his MSO's customers, whether or not they watch  The Walking Dead.

ACA collects 228 member signatures on complaint letter to FCC about AMC Networks

Calling the carriage dispute between NCTC and AMC Networks a symptom of a "broken" video marketplace, the American Cable Association has collected 228 member signatures on a letter asking the FCC to intervene in the process.

AMC Networks targets skinny bundles in carriage fight with the NCTC

Adding a new wrinkle of complexity to carriage negotiations, AMC Networks is demanding that NCTC member cable companies pay licensing fees based on their total subscriber base, not just the customers who subscribe to AMC channels.

Shentel says AMC is looking for 379% fee increase from NCTC operators

Shenandoah Telecommunications Company (Shentel) is the latest NCTC member company to pipe up about stalled carriage renewal talks with AMC Networks, accusing the programmer of seeking an excessive 379 percent fee increase over its current contract.

Cable networks cram in up to 10% more commercials, with ratings down 9% in Q2, report finds

With linear TV ratings dropping another 9 percent in the second quarter, major cable networks now appear to be stuffing as many as 10 percent more commercials into every hour of programming to sustain their margins.

Experts: Cord shavers are a much bigger threat than cord cutters

ASPEN, Colo.--Cable subscribers who are looking for ways to shrink their cable subscription package--dubbed "cord shavers"--should be a much bigger concern for traditional pay-TV operators than cord cutters, according to a panel of experts speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference here.