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Latest Headlines

Arris' CEO Stanzione maintains that set-top boxes are still relevant

Arris may be in favor of the NCTA-backed "Ditch the Box" counter-proposal over the FCC's "Unlock the Box," but the company's CEO told investors during its second-quarter earnings call that there's plenty of life left in set-top boxes.

Arris' Stanzione: Set-top isn't getting 'ditched' anytime soon

While Arris executives definitely prefer the NCTA-backed "Ditch the Box" counter-proposal over the FCC's "Unlock the Box" NPRM, the company messaged emphatically during its second-quarter earnings call Wednesday that the pay-TV set-top box isn't getting ditched anytime soon.

Arris reports its best quarter ever; Stanzione credits Pokemon

Arris reported its biggest revenue quarter ever, taking $1.73 billion in sales in the second quarter, a 37.3 percent year over year increase.

Wurl launches streaming cable channel network with 51 operators

Wurl today launched the Wurl Network, an IP-based streaming cable TV network featuring four new channels that will show up on operators' set-top boxes and slot into onscreen guides next to traditional linear channels.

Arris offers equity to Comcast to boost cloud business

Arris International and Comcast Cable today announced a warrant agreement that will allow Comcast to buy up to 8 million of Arris' ordinary shares over the next two years.

Arris continues sell-off by offloading Media Analysis Framework to Watchwith

After yesterday's announcement it was selling its Whole Home Solution (WHS) to Canada's Espial, Arris today said it will sell its Media Analysis Framework (MAF) to Watchwith, a digital advertising platform for programmers and video distributers.

Arris sells its Whole Home Solution to Canada's Espial

Arris has sold its Whole Home Solution (WHS) unit to Canadian OTT interface and software vendor Espial for an undisclosed sum.

Arris and Cisco cable access sales up almost 50% in Q1, research group says

After struggling in 2015, vendors of cable access equipment saw the category spike as much as 50 percent in the first quarter, with operators committing to aggressive orders of DOCSIS 3.1-compatible gear.

Arris' Cheevers says set-tops are transitioning, not dead

Arris recognizes that the role of video services continues to change and the company is moving to evolve with those changes.

Arris CPE chief Cheevers on how pay TV can take share from Apple TV and Roku

At the Arris booth at INTX last month in Boston, the company's chief CPE engineer, Charlie Cheevers, envisioned a paradigm in which the sheer volume of data being piped into homes required more advanced CPE than ever.