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Latest Headlines

Mediacom VP Larsen: Programming costs put 'huge strain' on pay TV model

What lies ahead for mid-sized pay-TV operators? With TV Everywhere struggling to rise, Local Choice on Congress' menu, and programming costs still spiraling, it's an interesting time for MSOs like Blooming Grove, N.Y.-based Mediacom. FierceCable Editor Dan Frankel spoke with Mediacom Group VP of Legal and Public Affairs Thomas Larsen about the state of the smaller operator. Read more

With Aereo offline, how will online video viewers access broadcast TV?

Now that Aereo has suspended its operations as it figures out it next move, online video viewers are left with a gap in their streaming content. How can they access TV shows that they can no longer get via the SVOD provider?

Sizing up the cable industry in Q2 2013

The second quarter earnings reporting season is underway and FierceCable is capturing all of the action related to the cable industry, including public pay TV distributors, programmers and tech vendors.

Liberty's Malone concedes victory to Vodafone in Kabel Deutschland fight

John Malone, the billionaire chairman of Liberty Global, removed all doubt that the cable group will make a counter bid for Kabel Deutschland, thereby conceding victory to Vodafone in the battle for ownership of the German cable group.

Vodafone to land Kabel Deutschland in €7.7B deal

Vodafone agreed to buy Kabel Deutschland for €7.7 billion ($10.1 billion) in a deal that will enable the operator to pursue its multi-service ambitions in its most important European market.

For Cablevision and Time Warner Cable, data overtakes the coax pipeline from TV

Data is becoming such a key element in a cable operator's subscriber pitch that more MSOs are starting to offer broadband-only options--a policy unthinkable only a few years ago in the video-centric industry. FierceCable editor Steve Donohue takes a close look at this trend.

For telecom, it's all about IP

At the first meeting of the FCC's Technology Transitions Policy Taskforce on March 18, the workshop will consider various topics around the final transition to IP. One suggestion that has received considerable support is that the process should protect consumers by including a few pilot trials to ensure that any issues that surface do so within a limited and safe environment.

DT CEO Obermann to take over at cable company Ziggo

Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann shook the industry by announcing he will join Dutch cable operator Ziggo as its CEO starting next year.

Sidera to supply managed 100G wavelength service to MetroCast

Sidera Networks announced Tuesday that MetroCast, one of its regional cable operator customers, has upgraded its 10G connections to 100G wavelengths to deal with its growing consumer and business service customer traffic.

Cable in the fourth quarter of 2012

The fourth quarter was brutal for major cable MSOs, which struggled to recover from power outages and network damage sparked by Superstorm Sandy. FierceCable gauges its impact as well as the ongoing battle for pay TV, high-speed Internet and voice subscribers in this regularly updated earnings summary.