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Top 10 Cable Technologies of 2013

FierceCable 's list of the top cable technologies of 2013 leads with a look at the video gateways--or "super DVRs"--that Comcast, Time Warner Cable and other major MSOs will deploy this year as they attempt to stave off competition from products such as DirecTV's Genie and Dish Network's Hopper multiroom DVRs.

Time Warner Cable CTO: Cable industry in the 'catbird's seat'

CHICAGO- Despite challenges from over-the-top providers, a weak economy that has consumers rethinking their pay TV purchasing decisions, and even despite programmers who are not always the most

For cable technology, 'everything is possible'- until business reality sets in

CHICAGO- If there's one subject that the entire cable industry--programmers, vendors and service providers alike--understand, it's making money and the need to do so. This year's Cable Show, while

Broadcasters get looks at 3D, VoD at revived IBC

The thin line between broadcasting and cable is blurred even more across the ocean where a number of cable technology companies--and their technologies--are being rolled out for broadcasters

So? What's your cable hot button topic?

So? In "The Risk Pool," an amusing Richard Russo novel, the protagonist's father prefaces their conversations with that single word: So? The boy is then supposed to cough up what he thinks his father