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Latest Headlines

RCN doubles upload speeds for broadband customers

Cable overbuilder RCN said that it doubled the upload speeds for its two most popular broadband tiers, and that it won't charge subscribers additional fees for the upgrade.

Dish Network launches Anywhere app on Amazon Kindle Fire

Following similar moves from Cablevision and Time Warner Cable, Dish Network launched its Dish Anywhere app Wednesday on Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

Cablevision reduces basic video sub losses to 18,000 in Q4 2013

Cablevision dropped 18,000 net video subscribers in the fourth quarter, but the losses were fewer than analysts had expected and an improvement compared to the 50,000 subscribers it shed in Q4 2012.

Wi-Fi deployments drive Ruckus to 17.5% jump in revenue

While Ruckus Wireless saw its fourth-quarter revenue jump 17.5 percent to $73 million, the Wi-Fi technology vendor, whose customers include Time Warner Cable, said most of its deployments in Q4 were overseas.

Verizon tech under investigation for allegedly cutting Cablevision fiber line

Cable operators and telcos have never had the greatest relationship, but now comes a report that a Verizon technician allegedly cut one of Cablevision's underground fiber lines serving Long Island.  

Police say Verizon technician allegedly severed Cablevision underground cable

A Verizon technician was arrested by police in Suffolk County, N.Y., on Tuesday, for allegedly intentionally severing an underground fiber optic line last month that rival Cablevision uses to deliver its Optimum service to subscribers on Long Island.

Tracking the pay TV business in Q4 2014

In today's spotlight, check out FierceCable 's special report on the fourth-quarter earnings of pay TV distributors, programmers, tech vendors and online video providers.

Cablevision ends 16-day blackout of Meredith's CBS station in Connecticut

Cablevision said it restored the feed for CBS affiliate WFSB-TV in Hartford, Conn., on Saturday, 16 days after it blacked out the feed for the station because of a dispute involving retransmission-consent fees.

Rutledge, Bickham take risks by ridiculing TWC management, taking credit for Cablevision's success

Cable investors who listened to Charter's conference call Tuesday afternoon might've been left with the false impression CEO Tom Rutledge walks on water, while the management team at Time Warner Cable has been asleep at the wheel for the last decade.

Will Supreme Court review of Aereo suit impact Cablevision network DVR?

In today's spotlight, FierceOnlineVideo Editor Josh Wein takes a look at the impact that the U.S. Supreme Court review of the petition broadcasters have filed against Aereo could have on the industry.