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Latest Headlines

The video business is dead … for those without the will and resources to compete in it

To hear executives at America's No. 4 and No. 10 cable companies explain it, television is a dead business. "The video subscription model is broken and cannot be fixed," read one presentation slide from Cable One. I agree with the first part. But I'm not sure about that second part.

Cablevision's Dolan: Data margins outperforming video by a factor of 7-1

Cablevision CEO James Dolan used his latest public speaking opportunity to hammer home his strategy of de-emphasizing video services in favor of high-speed data and connectivity.

Cablevision's Seibert: Cord-cutter package is 'giving our programming friends heartburn'

Cablevision Vice Chairman Gregg Siebert conceded that the MSO's bundling of broadband services and over-the-air antennas in a so-called "cord-cutter" package is giving its "programming friends heartburn."

Minson out as Time Warner Cable CFO, Office Depot's Sherwell in as Cablevision CIO

Highlighting a flurry of executive comings and goings in the pay-TV industry Monday, Time Warner Cable announced that Arthur Minson is out as executive VP and CFO and will be replaced by the tag team of company controllers/chief accounting officers William Osbourn Jr. and Matthew Siegel.

Cablevision shares spike 18% as analysts peg it as next M&A target

News that Luxembourg-based telecom conglomerate Altice SA is buying Suddenlink Communications helped spike Cablevision shares as high as 18 percent Wednesday, with analysts and investors speculating that the Bethpage, N.Y., MSO could be next in line for acquisition.

Cablevision sues Verizon over FiOS ad

Cablevision is suing Verizon Communications in a Manhattan federal court claiming that its TV commercial that says Verizon's FiOS is not 100 percent fiber optic cable is truthful.

Cablevision sues Verizon, defends commercial targeting FiOS

Cablevision has filed its second advertising-related lawsuit against Verizon in the last five months, defending a TV commercial that claims Verizon's FiOS service partially relies on cable to deliver video and Internet into residences.

Verizon's $4.4B AOL acquisition gives it immediate advanced-advertising edge in the pay-TV market

Verizon has clearly stated that its $4.4 billion acquisition of AOL is, to a great extent, intended to bolster its quest to establish a leading mobile video programming service targeted to younger consumers. But with the move the company has also positioned itself as a leader in the pay-TV market in terms of advanced advertising.

Cablevision confirms addressable advertising deal with Disney/ESPN

Desperate to develop alternative revenue streams for a video business being hammered by competition from IPTV services, Cablevision has entered into a deal to sell its new addressable advertising products to ESPN and the Walt Disney Company.

Hulu's Connolly: MVPD relationships built on revenue sharing, keeping user experience intact

CHICAGO--With his SVOD service making a flurry of MVPD partnership announcements in recent weeks, Hulu distribution chief Tim Connolly used an INTX panel focused on OTT distribution to better explain how these arrangements work.