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Latest Headlines

BCI names Bresnan veteran Gibbs SVP of business services

New cable MSO BCI Broadband said it named Bresnan Communications, Frontier Communications and Charter Communications veteran John Gibbs SVP of business services.

Cablevision's marketing stunt: A DVR that can record 10 shows simultaneously

First question I had after seeing Cablevision's announcement this morning that its Optimum cable subscribers can now record up to 10 shows at the same time: Does anyone watch that much TV?

Cablevision hits back at Verizon with 10 tuners on new Optimum Multi-Room DVR

Looking to stave off competition from a super DVR Verizon is developing for FiOS TV, Cablevision said Wednesday that it has juiced up the recording capabilities of its network-based DVR, which can now record up to 10 programs simultaneously.

Cablevision's OMGFAST broadband service bites the dust

Cablevision's short-lived OMGFAST foray into fixed wireless broadband service--which relied upon licenses the company sold to, and then leased back from, Dish Network--is coming to an end next month.

Cablevision shutting down OMGFAST wireless broadband service

Cablevision said Tuesday that it is shutting down its OMGFAST wireless broadband service in Florida next month.

AT&T hiring 200-plus employees in South Florida

AT&T is opening two new retail locations in Miami and hiring 235 employees for locations between Key West and Vero Beach, the carrier announced Monday.

Time Warner Cable, Cablevision launch Wi-Fi in NYC parks

Newly deployed Wi-Fi service in 32 New York City parks via franchise agreements with Time Warner Cable and Cablevision will be maintained for public use through July 2020, according to city officials.

FiOS TV may crack 5M-subscriber mark, but has it lost its edge?

Verizon will likely report on Thursday that it has cracked the 5 million FiOS TV subscriber mark when it reports second-quarter earnings. The telco, which counted 4.9 million subscribers at the end of Q1, should surpass the 5 million mark for pay TV subscribers.

Time Warner Cable, Cablevision launch Wi-Fi in New York City parks

Time Warner Cable and Cablevision said Tuesday that they launched Wi-Fi service in 32 public parks in New York City.

Cablevision tweaks upload speeds and branding for Optimum Online tiers

Cablevision unveiled new brands for its high-speed Internet tiers, and also said it is offering faster upload speeds to cable modem customers.