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Latest Headlines

Viacom accuses Cablevision of being two-faced in discovery phase of bundling litigation

Viacom has fired a salvo in long-running anti-trust litigation with Cablevision, noting that the cable company's argument in the matter has been undermined by contradictory testimony in another unrelated legal case.

Kristin Dolan: Cord-cutter broadband packages bringing in new customers, not cannibalizing pay-TV

Cablevision COO Kristin Dolan said broadband packages featuring over-the-air antennas are having the desired effect of bringing in new customers and are not cannibalizing the MSO's pay-TV core.

Cablevision signs broad-reaching agreement with Tribune for retrans, carriage, metadata

Cablevision has announced a wide-ranging deal with Tribune Media covering broadcast retransmission for TV stations including WPIX-TV in New York, carriage for cable channel WGN America and data for  Newsday.

Cablevision v. GSN beef finally to be decided; MSO says network's claims are 'preposterous'

A four-year-old discrimination complaint filed against Cablevision by programmer Game Show Network (GSN) is about to finally be ruled on by an administrative law judge.

Charting the cable industry's consolidation over the last 10 years

Thanks to a handy chart was created by Stacey Horne for  FierceCable, we have a depiction of the major acquisitions and mergers consummated by today's top five cable operators during the past 10 years.  Special report

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox and Cablevision led cable's consolidation charge

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox and Cablevision may be known today as the top five U.S. cable operators, but like the wireline telco industry they achieved their dominant positions by purchasing a number of smaller, regional operators, including major providers like Optimum West and wholesale provider Duke Net.

Marking 10 years of consolidation in the cable industry

While the wireless industry certainly has seen its fair share of consolidation over the years and speculation persists that it will continue to do so, the consolidation trend has been going steady in the cable industry as well.  FierceCable reviews the major acquisitions and mergers that happened in the last 10 years. S pecial Report

Cablevision to distribute CBS All Access, Showtime OTT services under new carriage deal

Cablevision and CBS Corp. have jointly announced a new multi-year programming carriage and retransmission agreement that will make the MSO the first pay-TV provider to distribute CBS' over-the-top services.

Cablevision sued for using customer's home gateway for public hotspot

A Cablevision customer is suing the MSO for turning his residential home gateway into a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Paul Jensen, the plaintiff in the case, claims Cablevision's strategy violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act because the cable firm never asked for Jensen's permission before modifying the software on his rented router and opening up the public SSID.

Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Charter broadband subscriptions rise amidst ongoing video losses

If there was one common theme the top cable MSOs saw in the second-quarter results, it was that broadband subscriptions continued to rise as more video customers cut the cord in favor of online video alternatives like Netflix and Hulu.