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Latest Headlines

ABC to block DirecTV, TWC, Dish subs from watching TV series online

ABC said that on Monday it will begin restricting access to complete episodes of new TV shows to customers of pay TV providers that it has signed to TV Everywhere authentication deals.

TWC sets stage for launch of network DVR with rollout of cloud-based program guide

Clearing a path for the launch of a network-based DVR service, Time Warner Cable  said Thursday that it launched a new cloud-based interactive program guide.

Netflix shooting new season of 'House of Cards' in 4K Ultra HD

Netflix is producing the second season of "House of Cards," the original drama series starring Kevin Spacey, in 4K Ultra HD format, Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said in a story published by  Stuff  magazine on Wednesday.

Cablevision's Lightpath launches Firebar service for 'business continuity and disaster recovery'

Cablevision's Lightpath division said Wednesday that it is beginning to offer its commercial customers a service called Firebar, which can be used during a crisis to quickly set up an emergency audio conference by dialing a single phone number.

TWC TV launches on Amazon Kindle Fire

Time Warner Cable launched its TWC TV app on Amazon's Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HDX tablets and said Wednesday that it is now offering both live and video-on-demand content on Roku, Xbox 360 and Samsung connected TV devices.

Cablevision rips both broadcasters and Aereo in white paper

Cablevision released a white paper Thursday in which it criticizes both Aereo and the broadcasters that have filed a petition at the U.S. Supreme Court aimed at shutting down its Internet video platform, which transmits signals captured from stations owned by Fox, CBS, NBC and other broadcasters.

Should Adelphia's John and Tim Rigas be released from prison?

I've been thinking about how to tell the story of John Rigas, the cable pioneer who founded Coudersport, Pa.-based MSO Adelphia Communications, ever since I visited Pennsylvania in early November to attend an event hosted by the nation's largest cable company – Comcast.

Verizon targets Cablevision subscribers with push for new FiOS franchise in Long Island

Cablevision could soon face new competition in the Long Island town of Glen Cove, N.Y., where Verizon is seeking a cable franchise for its FiOS TV service.

Report: Comcast, Charter may chop up Time Warner Cable

Executives at Comcast and Charter Communications have had preliminary talks aimed at acquiring Time Warner Cable, which could help each operator expand cable system clusters in Los Angeles, New York and other markets,  Bloomberg  reported Saturday.

The top 6 super DVRs that pack a punch

For nearly a decade, most pay TV distributors have deployed DVRs containing two tuners and a maximum of 250 GB of storage space. But with the rollout of their respective Hopper and Genie DVRs in 2012, Dish Network and DirecTV forced rival cable operators and telcos to invest in new gear.