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Latest Headlines

ivi TV to tell FCC, Congress about opposition to Comcast-NBCU

ivi TV, which appears to be in a to-the-death struggle with broadcasters and the courts over whether its Web streaming TV model is even legal, is using its 15 minutes of fame to join the list of

New York Times takes measure of Comcast-NBCU

Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) has, to the annoyance of entertainment industry types and the government, been acting as if its effort to acquire NBC Universal is a fait accompli. The cable operator has

The business of business: Cable's attention focused on commercial services

While cable watchers and industry outsiders have been laser focused and sweating bullets about cable's basic subscriber erosion, they've been missing the sideshow indicators that cable is morphing

DirecTV says it's finding those lost cable subscribers

All but the most cynical don't at least give some benefit of the doubt to cable operators who claim that basic subscribers aren't leaving for over-the-top providers. DirecTV (Nasdaq: DTV) goes a step

Hulu CEO talks with FCC about impact of Comcast-NBCU deal

FCC officials and staff met for hours in multiple meetings with Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Wednesday, as the regulator continued to look into how Comcast's purchase of NBC Universal would affect online

Clearwire reveals $1.1b debt plan

Embattled Wimax operator Clearwire’s stock price fell after it announced plans to

iPad growing in importance as 'second screen TV'

The frighteningly popular iPad is quickly emerging as this generation's portable television, with programmers and, importantly, service providers rushing to make their services available via the

FCC clears tiered broadband pricing

US broadband providers will be able to offer usage-based and tiered pricing under proposed new rules from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).   In the commi

Busy FCC looks at broadband regulation, spectrum grab

Despite the belief that the midterm election voters served as dentists defanging the FCC, the agency believes it still has enough chomp to bite into two beefy issues: broadband regulation and

Comcast ignites neutrality war with Level 3

The net neutrality dispute among US IP carriers has once more exploded onto the front page, following Level 3’s revelation that it is now paying ISP Comcast to deliver traffic. &