Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Comcast may get $2.8B for A&E Networks stake

Comcast is cutting a deal to sell its 15 percent stake in A&E Television networks to Disney and Hearst Corp. for $2.8 billion.

Comcast, ISPs grapple with DNSChanger malware

FierceOnlineVideo takes a look at the impact that a malware program called DNSChanger could have on Web surfers. Infected computers may not be able to access the Web, beginning at 12:01 a.m. ET July 9.

Magic Johnson's Aspire scores slot on Sky Angel's FAVE virtual cable system

Sky Angel said Thursday it agreed to launch Aspire, the new cable network backed by Magic Johnson, on its FAVE virtual cable platform.

Comcast, Verizon, Frontier hustle to repair storm outages

Technicians from Comcast, Verizon, Frontier Communications and other telecom providers were still working Monday to repair outages sparked by storms that struck parts of the Northeast and Midwest late Friday.

Comcast trademarks 'The Future of Awesome' slogan

Comcast trademarked a new slogan, "The Future of Awesome," that it may be able use to market advanced products such as its Xfinity X1 digital video service.

Boxee uses FCC to get Comcast's attention

There's probably no simpler way to say this than the squeaky wheel gets the grease--especially in Washington, D.C.--where online video provider Boxee has managed to bring attention and possible resolution to cable's basic tier encryption policies and, perhaps, resurrect the AllVid initiative, research firm IMS Research said.

Aspire debuts in 7 million Comcast and Time Warner Cable homes

Comcast and Time Warner Cable flipped the switch Wednesday night on Aspire, a new cable network marketed toward African Americans.

Major cable MSOs to deploy ThinkAnalytics recommendation engine

Scotland-based ThinkAnalytics has struck deals that will see three major cable MSOs in North America add its recommendation engine to their interactive program guide, which will allow subscribers to receive suggestions for TV shows and movies based on their viewing habits.

Comcast and San Mateo, Calif. complete business-grade network

Comcast and San Mateo city leaders completed the "Digital Downtown" initiative network that will deliver a mix of 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps services to area businesses.

FCC: Comcast must pay $800K for failing to market affordable standalone broadband service

Comcast agreed Wednesday to pay the federal government $800,000 for failing to adhere to a condition of its merger with NBCUniversal that required it to offer subscribers a standalone high-speed Internet service for two years, the FCC said.