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Latest Headlines

Comcast's Strauss: 'We have to be surgical with our video strategy'

On the same day that Comcast finally launched the anticipated trial of its IP-based "Stream TV" service in Boston, the MSO's video chief, Matt Strauss, laid out his company's vision for video services to investors at the Wells Fargo Securities Technology, Media & Telecom conference in New York.

After delay, Comcast's IP-based 'Stream TV' service launches in Boston

Comcast today announced it is launching its $15-a-month, IP-based Stream video service in Boston. The company said in July it would launch the service in Boston by the end of the summer, but that timeframe slipped slightly. However, Comcast reiterated that it remains on track to roll Stream out to its entire footprint "by early 2016," which is the same timeframe the company provided in July.

Comcast scrambles as 595K customer email accounts and passwords show up on Dark Web market

Comcast said it is securing around 200,000 customer email accounts after passwords for the accounts showed up over the weekend on a Dark Web marketplace.

Comcast says it publicly outlined its usage-based pricing philosophy back in 2012

As Comcast continues to face criticism over its usage cap tests, the MSO said none of the policies are new or secret. In fact, a company representative told FierceCable that Comcast outlined its usage-based pricing philosophy back in a 2012 blog post.

Analysts: Comcast, Charter, Dish and Google might bid in 600 MHz auction- but won't be building out networks

Next year's incentive auction of 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum might attract bids from companies that are not wireless carriers, including Comcast, Charter Communications, Dish Network and Google, financial and industry analysts said. However, the analysts also said that even if these wild card players do win spectrum, they likely will not be looking to build out wireless networks of their own.

Comcast quietly expands data usage trials to four additional markets

Comcast has quietly expanded tests of its billing based on usage caps to include four new markets, despite continued controversy over the effort.

Frontier lures small businesses away from cable with broadband price lock-in

Frontier is giving its small to medium business customers the option to lock in their broadband price with its "Price for Life" promotion whereby the price of business customers' Internet and phone services will never go up as long as they remain with the telco.

Eshoo/Walden Dig Once bill is promising for carrier fiber installations, but will it see the light of day?

A new "Dig Once" broadband deployment bill-- the Broadband Conduit Deployment Act of 2015-- promises to give fiber providers an easier path to build out facilities, but will it really come to fruition?  

Comcast hires Morgan Stanley investment banker Eatroff as strategy chief

Comcast went back to the investment-banking well for its latest executive hire, Morgan Stanley's Robert Eatroff as its new executive VP of corporate development and strategy.

Comcast equips Connecticut's College & Crown development with fiber-based services, drives broadband as amenity

Comcast is finding that a number of communities are embracing its Advanced Communities Network program and New Haven, Conn.'s College & Crown development is no different.