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Latest Headlines

Comcast gets list of demands from Philadelphia City Council as it negotiates new charter

The Philadelphia City Council is asking Comcast to provide free Wi-Fi in public spaces like parks, aid local schools in becoming more "digitally literate," and help bolster the local tech sector as the MSO negotiates a new charter agreement with the city.

Verizon, Comcast, others sued by Alabama company over failure to pay $214M in 911 fees

Phone Recovery Systems filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts against Verizon Communications, Comcast and other phone companies claiming that the firms have failed to pay the state $214 million in fees to support the 911 system.

Comcast gets retrial in $27.6M Sprint patent suit; also gets $20B discrimination suit tossed

Comcast appears to be riding a streak of good fortune in federal courts. The company has managed to sidestep two court cases that would have cost the company a total of $47.6 million.

Pay-TV shed over 300K video customers in Q2, cord-cutting on par with 2014

Cable, satellite and telco-based TV operators lost more than 300,000 video customers in the second quarter, a tally on par with the nearly 320,000 subscribers lost during the same period of 2014.

Comcast, Charter and others cable players continue to see opportunity in Wi-Fi during Q2

Although Wall Street analysts continued to fret over declines in number of pay-TV subscribers, the nation's cable players generally offered positive views of Wi-Fi and their plans to expand the use of the technology. Indeed, a number of cable companies specifically mentioned their Wi-Fi plans during their second quarter conference calls with analysts.

Report: Comcast's pricey Gigabit Pro rollout service is attracting few customers

Comcast's Gigabit Pro service may offer ultra-fast speeds of 2-Gbps but the high pricetag is limiting the number of consumers flocking to the service. According to  DSLReports, Comcast's 2-Gig service, which costs $300 per month, plus a $500 activation fee, a $500 installation fee and a possible $1,000 early termination fee is limiting the uptake rate.

Comcast gets a bump from NBCU's theme parks business

Few investment analysts thought Comcast would actually keep NBCUniversal's theme parks division-- and all of its associated maintenance and public safety costs-- when it purchased the programming conglomerate in 2011.

Comcast's X1 upgrade automatically extends recordings of sports events that go into overtime

Continuing to evolve pay-TV's most technologically advanced-- and expensive-- platform, Comcast has unveiled a new DVR feature for its X1 service that automatically extends recordings of live sports events that go past their scheduled run time.

Comcast's NBCU confirms it won't run advertisements for Dish's Sling TV

NBCUniversal confirmed to FierceCable that it will not run advertisements for Dish Network's OTT Sling TV service on its owned and operated stations in San Francisco, San Diego, New York and Washington D.C.

T-Mobile exceeds expectations in Q2, but questions of future growth, M&A linger

T-Mobile US exceeded Wall Street's expectation in terms of its revenue and earnings in the second quarter, and analysts think it has enough momentum to carry it through the end of 2015. However, the same analysts also have questions about whether T-Mobile needs to diversify its business in the next few years and if it will merge with another company.