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Latest Headlines

Comcast dispute with YES boils down to 'most-favored nation' clause, WSJ says

An impasse between Comcast and a regional sports network (RSN) carrying the Yankees boils down to the intricacies of so-called "most-favored nation" contract language being included in a renewal deal, according to the  Wall Street Journal.

Comcast gets renewed heat for injecting copyright warnings

Comcast's several-year-old, well-documented practice of injecting copyright warners into the video streams of customers who may be illegally watching content has drawn renewed criticism from Internet pundits who say the company should leave its users' traffic alone.

Comcast-owned CTI Towers buys 120 towers from Vyve Broadband

In another possible signal of Comcast's intent to enter the wireless business, CTI Towers Inc., a company majority-owned by the MSO's venture capital arm, has acquired 120 communications towers from Vyve Broadband.

Operators pull installation in-house, begin vetting techs amid a wave of contractor crime

Does the pay-TV industry have a problem with criminal behavior by third-party installation techs? Do a Google search with the basic term "pay-TV installer," and you'll get a veritable rap sheet of recent crime reports by pay-TV customers involving installation contractors.

Comcast dropping YES is a 'gutless money grab,' Yankees president says

The regional sports carriage battle between Comcast and the YES Network has grown to include one of the channel's key programming constituents, with New York Yankees President Randy Levine taking a shot at the MSO.

Outstripping AT&T and Verizon, Comcast and TWC rope in 71% of all new broadband Internet customers

According to new research from Strategy Analytics, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and other cable operators are outpacing AT&T, Verizon and other telco providers in the accumulation of new broadband Internet subscribers. The firm said that during the past twelve months, Comcast and Time Warner Cable accounted for 71 percent of the 3 million Americans who have signed up for broadband Internet service during the period.

Comcast: Stream TV is IP-cable and shouldn't count against data usage limits

Comcast said its new Xfinity Stream TV product is an "IP-cable" service running over a managed network that should not, per FCC guidelines, factor into data usage limits the MSO is testing in certain parts of the country.

Angelakis poaches two top execs for Comcast's new investment firm

Former Comcast CFO Michael Angelakis has poached two top executives for his new strategic investment company.

Comcast rolls out Stream TV in Chicago, streaming data won't count against Comcast caps

After finally deploying its skinny streaming video bundle in Boston last week, Comcast has launched its $15-a-month "Stream TV" service in the Chicago area.

Comcast drops YES, regional sports home of the Yankees and Nets, after carriage dispute

Talks between Comcast and regional sports channel YES Network have degenerated into a blackout, affecting around 900,000 Comcast video customers in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.