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Latest Headlines

Seattle council member urges battle with Comcast, CenturyLink over muni broadband

A Socialist Party city council member is urging Seattle residents to form a "movement against" local cable franchise holders Comcast and CenturyLink in an effort to establish a municipal broadband network.

Comcast accused of running manipulative 'push poll' in response to Philly customer service study

Consumer activist publication  The Consumerist  has once again taken aim at Comcast, reporting that the cable giant conducted a manipulative "push poll" in response to a negative customer satisfaction survey published by the City of Philadelphia in April.

Cogent, AT&T bury the hatchet with new interconnection agreement

AT&T and Cogent have become the latest service providers to establish a new interconnection agreement on the eve of the FCC net neutrality rules going into effect this week.

Comcast redesigns customer support forums, continues charm campaign

Comcast announced Tuesday that it has redesigned its subscriber support forums in efforts to improve its customer service reputation.

Report: DT CEO not keen on a T-Mobile/Dish merger, holds out hope for Sprint deal

According to a  New York Post  report, Deutsche Telekom CEO Timotheus Hoettges is not as interested in a merger between T-Mobile US and Dish Network and would prefer a deal with Sprint.

Report: Comcast is in Washington's 'penalty box' regarding new mergers

In the near term, expect Comcast to focus on bite-sized acquisitions, such as last week's purchase of advanced advertising startup Visible World, rather than large mega-mergers, such as the scrubbed $45 billion Time Warner Cable purchase.

Tracking the collapse of linear TV: Cable looks to VOD, TV Everywhere to counter OTT

Pay-TV's first quarter earnings reports showed no definitive evidence that cord cutting is about to go viral. But the signs are troubling. In fact, an examination of linear TV ratings leads to a conclusion that television's disrupted, on-demand future isn't just inevitable, it's already here.

Comcast: Networks have 'stacked' 550 series on Xfinity On Demand

Comcast says it now has "stacking" rights to 550 current season TV shows on its Xfinity On Demand VOD platform, a clear sign, the No. 1 pay-TV operator says, that programmers have "come around" to understanding the potential of cable VOD.  

Comcast snaps up ad tech firm Visible World

Comcast has acquired ad-targeting firm Visible World, which works with marketers to deliver targeted ads to specific audiences based upon zip codes and data from users' set-top boxes.

Comcast Business equips 34 sites with Ethernet for Cobb County, Ga.

Comcast Business is giving Georgia's Cobb County an injection of Ethernet in a deal where Comcast will connect 34 county-run sites, including community facilities, to a mix of fiber and coax-based connections.