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Latest Headlines

Comcast, AT&T thwart municipal broadband expansion effort in Tennessee

Comcast and AT&T's lobbying efforts to block a municipal broadband bill that would let Chattanooga, Tenn.-based EPB expand into two nearby counties paid off as the measure failed to pass following a 5-3 vote in the state legislature.

AT&T extends 1 Gbps FTTH service to five additional markets

AT&T is taking its GigaPower service into an additional five markets as it faces continual pressure from Comcast and Google Fiber for 1 Gbps services.

Comcast rolls out DOCSIS 3.1-powered advanced trials in Atlanta

Comcast said that it has begun "advanced consumer trials" of DOCSIS 3.1-powered Internet services for select early adopters in Atlanta, kicking off its plan to bring the 1-gig product to five cities this year.

Comcast follows Google Fiber's $70 plan in Atlanta, but price comes with a contract catch

Comcast is beginning a 1 Gbps advanced trial for residential and business customers in Atlanta, laying a competitive challenge to Google Fiber with its own similarly priced 1 Gbps service. But while the cable MSO is following Google's pricing scheme, it's not without a catch.

Comcast, SCTE, Georgia Tech partner to train military vets as cable techs

SCTE and Comcast are partnering with Georgia Institute of Technology to recruit and train military veterans for careers as cable techs.

Google Fiber battles AT&T, Comcast for utility pole access in Silicon Valley

Google Fiber is facing yet another battle over utility pole access in California's desirable Silicon Valley with AT&T and Comcast, who say that the service provider has no right to access those facilities.

Comcast unmoved by Yankees channel ad blitz, says Yes Network needs to get 'realistic'

Yes Network's ad blitz, messaging Comcast customers to switch to another pay-TV provider, has been met with resistance by the MSO, which has fired back saying that it won't return to the bargaining table with the Fox-owned regional sports network (RSN) until it comes up with "realistic" carriage-price demands.

Cable MSOs see broadband customer count jump by 3.3M in 2015, says research firm

Cable MSOs gained an upper hand in the broadband subscriber race in 2015, adding 3.3 million customers, giving them control of 61 percent of market share for the U.S. broadband market, according to Leichtman Research Group.

Google Fiber secures pole deals with Oregon utilities, signaling FTTH buildout intentions

Google Fiber has struck deals with Oregon utility companies Portland General Electric and Pacific Power to get access to their poles to install fiber, overcoming a major barrier to deploy FTTH services in the state.

Boston's WHDH-TV files suit against Comcast for pulling NBC affiliation

Comcast has been sued by Boston's WHDH-TV (channel 7) following its January decision to terminate its affiliation agreement for NBC with the station and start its own Bean Town O&O.