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Latest Headlines

Yes Network amps up carriage battle with 'drop Comcast' campaign

With the Yankees in spring training and its carriage impasse with Comcast into its fourth month, regional sports channel Yes Network has initiated a multi-million advertising campaign urging the MSO's subscribers to change pay-TV services.

Sling TV leads way in pay-TV stampede to virtualized MVPD services

Within the past 12 months, no less than five virtual MVPD (multichannel video programming distributor) services from major operators like Comcast have debuted. While some, like Stream, are in the trial phase, others are full-fledged consumer products-- and they could revolutionize the pay-TV industry, whose video subscriber rates have stagnated.

Time Warner Cable, Comcast threaten AT&T and Verizon Ethernet market status

Time Warner Cable, Comcast and other cable operators continue to make a dent in the Ethernet market, challenging incumbent telcos AT&T and Verizon as well as Level 3 in the U.S. Ethernet market.

AT&T's DirecTV, Verizon's Go90 highlight the threat to traditional pay-TV players

The traditional pay-TV market may be on the brink of transition as major operators begin to introduce alternative services that don't require a set-top box. In just the last year, AT&T announced three virtual tiers of its DirecTV service, Time Warner has begun testing an IP-only bundle in New York, Verizon has launched Go90 and Comcast has started testing its Xfinity Stream in some markets.

Comcast pays $7.2M to settle racial discrimination suit by Chicago techs

Comcast will pay $7.21 million to settle a class-action suit filed by African-American technicians who claim the MSO discriminated against them at a Chicago facility.

Comcast hires Intel exec Noopur Davis to lead product security and digital privacy efforts

Comcast has hired away Intel executive Noopur Davis for the newly created position of senior VP of product security and privacy.

Comcast acquires X1 sports data vendor OneTwoSee

Comcast has acquired local Philadelphia company OneTwoSee for an undisclosed sum, bringing the X1 sports data vendor inhouse.

Greenfield: DirecTV Now will force Comcast to take Xfinity Stream national

Comcast has maintained a successful facilities-based pay-TV business and has only begun dabbling in OTT video services. But BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield says AT&T's plans to offer DirecTV Now nationwide and without a satellite means Comcast will likely have to respond with a nationally available virtual MVPD of its own.

Comcast's Stream TV draws FCC complaint over net neutrality, NBCUniversal merger conditions

Public Knowledge has filed a complaint with the FCC over Comcast excluding its Stream TV OTT service from its customers' data caps. The complaint says the zero-rated service doesn't gel with the FCC's Open Internet rules and also violates Comcast's NBCUniversal merger commitments.

Comcast's Roberts: 'We have more video customers today than we did a year ago'

While it wasn't technically among the group of top cable operators who reported full-year video subscriber growth for 2015, Comcast is in fact growing its pay-TV base again.