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Latest Headlines

Comcast to build Charleston, SC call center, add 550 jobs

Comcast fulfilled a major piece of its $300 million promise to improve its customer service acumen with the announcement that it's building a call center in Charleston, SC that will be staffed by 550 new workers.

Byron Allen responds to Comcast: Cable biz full of 'racist white executives'

One day after Comcast sent a note asking the FCC to ignore Byron Allen and his diversity complaints, the African-American media mogul issued a fiery statement, saying, "The real issue here is these racist white executives are not used to an African American man holding them accountable.

Comcast adds Disney movies to its Xfinity On Demand transactional store

Comcast has entered into an agreement with The Walt Disney Company to sell the studios feature films digitally through its Xfinity On Demand transactional store.

Cox's white-label X1 platform, 'Contour,' comes to OKC

Contour, what Cox Communications calls its licensed, white-label version of Comcast's (NASDAQ: CMCSA) X1 platform, has completed its trials in San Diego and is now rolling out into places like Oklahoma City.

Comcast to FCC: Ignore Byron Allen, he's just trying to get carriage

Comcast has asked the FCC to ignore a petition filed by Byron Allen, accusing the Entertainment Studios Inc. (ESI) mogul of drumming up diversity charges against the MSO merely to secure carriage for his lightly regarded networks.

Comcast-Yes dispute craters Opening Day, now officially an entrenched battle with no end in site

Yankee fans worried that the carriage impasse blacking out games on Comcast would devolve into a long-standing, entrenched standoff with no end in site had their worst fears realized Monday.

Rovi sues Comcast over set-top patents

Rovi has filed suit against Comcast, alleging the cable company and it set-top suppliers have violated 14 of its patents.

Comcast defends 'most favored nation' contract clauses in FCC inquiry

With the FCC taking a closer look at pay-TV contract clauses that guarantee operators the best rates in select markets, Comcast has come to the defense of so-called "most favorite nation" clauses.

Comcast to open its Stream TV service to non-customers

Comcast will reportedly open up its new Xfinity Stream service to the customers of other operators.

Comcast and EA abort X1 game stream trial

Comcast has confirmed that it will end its beta trial of the Electronics Arts-powered Xfinity Games feature on the X1 platform.