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Latest Headlines

Cable in the fourth quarter of 2012

The fourth quarter was brutal for major cable MSOs, which struggled to recover from power outages and network damage sparked by Superstorm Sandy. FierceCable gauges its impact as well as the ongoing battle for pay TV, high-speed Internet and voice subscribers in this regularly updated earnings summary.

Google CEO Schmidt stands behind Google TV: 'We'll get through this one;' but will it thrive?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt this week said he's "quite confident we'll get through this one because the technology is so powerful." The "this one" he's referring to is the broadcast industry's near total

When it comes to selling products, cable can't discount volume

Two perspectives on the cable industry came ohsoclose to colliding during last week's Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) second quarter earnings call--then, like reverse magnets, the thoughts skipped away into

Avail-TVN teams with EPIX

Wholesale TV infrastructure and programming firm Avail-TVN has announced a new agreement with content provider EPIX under which Avail-TVN will support EPIX video-on-demand launches to service

TelcoTV: Telechannel offers Yellow Pages TV app

Content provider Telechannel announced at TelcoTV 2009 that it has created a Yellow Pages on TV application to help telcos take the next step in transforming directory services from the printed page

Mobile content regulator lays down new rules

As a result of a year-on-year increase of more than 100 per cent in the number of mobile-related complaints, the UK's premium content regulator PhonepayPlus has issued tough new rules. The most