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Latest Headlines

Global pay TV market to expand to 57% penetration by 2014

Despite slight erosion in markets like the U.S., pay TV penetration across 138 countries will expand to 886 million households, or 57.1 percent of all homes, by the end of 2014, a jump from 715 million and 49.1 percent in 2010.

Report: More homes pay to watch TV as multi-screen offerings proliferate

Around 60 per cent of pay-TV services in the informitv Multiscreen Index now deliver to multiple screens other than a traditional television, including smartphones, tablets and other network-connected devices.

Pay TV subscriber numbers to hit 1 billion by 2018, study says

Belying the ongoing belief that OTT will conquer all, U.K. firm Digital TV Research believes that the pay TV universe will actually expand and reach 1 billion households by 2018.

UK industry group reports minimal LTE interference with digital TV.

Initial results from LTE interference tests in the UK indicate that the impact from LTE signals on digital TV reception is much lower than originally anticipated.

Vodafone Italia, TIM, Wind to share LTE interference burden

Italy's Ministry of Economic Development will call upon mobile operators Vodafone Italia, Telecom Italia Mobile and Wind to establish a fund to resolve any interference problems LTE services at 800 MHz cause to digital TV reception.

Ericsson scoops up consultancy Devoteam's TV and media units

Ericsson is pushing further into the TV and media business with the acquisition of IT consultancy Devoteam's Telecom & Media operations in France. The move will see 400 French-based consultants with expertise in IP multimedia subsystems, delivery platforms and radio/TV networks join Ericsson by the second quarter.

UK operators form JV to clear 800 MHz for rapid LTE launch

The four major UK operators have formed a joint venture to accelerate the launch of LTE services by pushing for the removal of TV channels from the 800 MHz band.

Strong IPTV growth in Latin America projected amid digital-TV takeover

IPTV is taking off in Latin America, and Colombia is leading the way, according to a report from British firm Digital TV Research, which predicted the number of homes paying for IPTV will take off from a very low base to reach 4.8 million by 2017.

LTE doesn't disrupt TV broadcasts, according to Swedish regulator

Only 33 Swedish residents have complained that their TV reception is suffering from interference caused by LTE operating in the same 800MHz band, and the Swedish telecoms regulator, Post &

LTE interference to UK digital TV will cost £180M to fix

The UK government said £180 million will be collected from the forthcoming LTE auction to deal with the interference caused to digital TV services by LTE networks. To fix the problem, the UK