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Latest Headlines

AT&T's exec blasts 'single play' strategy, says carrier is working to bundle wireless with entertainment

The new CEO of AT&T's entertainment business said that the carrier is working to combine the sale of content and video services alongside its wireless offerings, just like the carrier and its rivals have done in year's past on the wired Internet side of the telecommunications market.

AT&T's Stankey: 'We didn't buy DirecTV because we love satellite as a distribution medium'

Speaking to investors a day after his company announced new game-changing IP-only products for its DirecTV platform, AT&T Entertainment Group CEO John Stankey said his company is aiming to "get to a common middleware," able to use the leverage of its 26-million-strong customer base to economically "deliver content to all platforms."

AT&T/DirecTV becomes last top pay-TV operator to launch IP service

AT&T became the last major pay-TV operator to tout — or test — a virtual video delivery system, announcing that three IP-only DirecTV tiers will debut later this year.

AT&T's new DirecTV streaming service may need to fight for OTT territory

AT&T announced that it will leverage the DirecTV brand to launch an over-the-top video service "later this year," with no contract requirements and three main tiers of service.

AT&T announces three DirecTV-branded video services for all devices, will launch in Q4

AT&T finally announced the cross-platform video service it has hinted at for months, outlining a three-tiered offering for smartphones, tablets, PCs, web-enabled TVs and other connected devices.

AT&T launches streaming-only DirecTV services, no installation required

The growing concern that the residential pay-TV installation business will soon be over-run by virtualized services just got reinforced in a big way, with AT&T announcing the introduction of three DirecTV streaming services.

DirecTV installer MasTec: AT&T acquisition will grow business

While its investors are worried that AT&T's ongoing integration of DirecTV will impact truck rolls for contracted installers, José Ramón Mas, President and CEO of installer MasTec, said the merger should "grow the pie" for his company.

AT&T's Bradley: Simplicity is key to the smartphone experience

News out of this year's Mobile World Congress demonstrates that the term "mobile" is no longer just about smartphones but also can refer to gadgets like Huawei's new 2-in-1  MateBook tablet, Epson's  Moverio AR glasses  and a range of other devices. As connectivity comes to an ever-increasing number of devices, some have speculated that the importance of the phone  is waning  as we begin to enter  a post-smartphone world.

AT&T reportedly halts U-verse set-top production in latest DirecTV push

AT&T has stopped manufacturing set-top boxes for its U-verse pay-TV service and is looking to migrate all of its video customers to its DirecTV platform, according to Bloomberg.

Wells Fargo: AT&T building a mobile advertising business

AT&T is quietly building a mobile advertising business alongside the cross-platform video services it is working on via its acquisition of DirecTV, according to analysts at Wells Fargo Securities. Further, AT&T is also considering a mobile-only video service.