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Latest Headlines

Media deals drive lift in M&A prices

Comcast's proposed $45 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable is not necessarily expected to punch up the volume of dealmaking this year, but it is expected to boost prices, according to a new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

AT&T, DirecTV reportedly in talks for $50B merger

AT&T is in talks to buy DirecTV for at least $50 billion--and if the two companies can come to terms, it would create a 26-million subscriber video powerhouse which would rival Comcast's proposed $45 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable.

Dish Network adds 40K video, 53K broadband subs, but net income drops

Dish Network had a successful first quarter when it came to adding subscribers to the fold and generating revenue. The company wasn't quite as successful when it came to net income.

DirecTV reportedly enlists Goldman Sachs for talks with AT&T

The relationship between AT&T and DirecTV is apparently getting cozier as the two dance around the possibility of AT&T acquiring the nation's leading satellite provider.

DirecTV: Time Warner Cable Dodgers deal 'far above any rational view of the market'

Other pay service providers shouldn't have to pay the freight because Time Warner Cable paid more than reasonable market value for the rights to broadcast the Los Angeles Dodgers on its SportsNet LA channel, DirecTV CFO Patrick Doyle told analysts during a first quarter earnings call.

DirecTV boosts U.S. revenues to $6.09B, but net income declines

DirecTV reported a 4 percent year-over-year revenue improvement in the first quarter when, worldwide, the satellite provider brought in $7.86 billion. But earnings per share fell to $1.09 compared to $1.20 a year previously, below analysts' estimates, as net income fell to $561 million.

Regional sports channel rights muddle Comcast-TWC merger, drive up costs across industry

A growing firestorm of consumer dissatisfaction with regional sports channels--highlighted, but by no means restricted to the ongoing brouhaha about Time Warner Cable's deal to pay $8 billion for the video rights of the Los Angeles Dodgers--should create concern about whether Comcast can acquire TWC for $45.2 billion, an op-ed in The Consumerist maintains.

Report: AT&T talks merger with DirecTV in a deal potentially worth $40B

AT&T reportedly talked to DirecTV recently about a merger. The potential move, valued at more than $40 billion, was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The Weather Channel concedes, returns to DirecTV lineup

The Weather Channel has returned to DirecTV, but in a move that may have repercussions for other retransmission disputes, it's the channel, not the service provider, that made concessions so that the return could happen.

Dish, Hearst Television battle over retrans contract

Dish Network and Hearst Television are in the final hours of a retransmission battle that could black out 29 local Hearst TV stations in as many markets.