Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Jefferies slaps buy rating on Comcast, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV; predicts cable/CLEC mergers

The global investment bank Jefferies & Company Inc. this week initiated coverage of the cable- and satellite-TV sector, and recommended that its clients buy shares of Comcast, Time Warner Cable and DirecTV.

DirecTV offering free NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions through credit card promotion

DirecTV on Monday stepped up efforts to get subscribers of its  NFL Sunday Ticket  package to renew, offering free subscriptions for the 2012 season to customers who order an NFL Extra Points credit card from Barclays.

Rumor Mill: Is DirecTV interested in partnering with Clearwire?

DirecTV appears to be signaling an interest in partnering in some fashion with Clearwire, based upon a recent filing it made with the FCC.

Will DirecTV team up with Clearwire?

FierceWireless takes a look at rumors that DirecTV could team up with Clearwire in a bid to market the company's WiMAX services to its satellite TV customers.

Verizon doesn't make a very good case for deal with cablecos

A Verizon FiOS-festooned van recently parked just outside the 104-home enclave where I live. Presumably, some techs were messing with the telco's equipment hidden in a little wooded area there. They were not, I know, doing anything about connecting FiOS from the fiber running down the nearby county road and into my fiber-rich, FiOS infrastructure-prepared community.

DirecTV, Viacom bury the hatchet—and not in each other

DirecTV and Viacom have come to an agreement, ending their 10-day contract dispute and returning Viacom's channels—including MTV and Comedy Central—to the DirecTV lineup.

DirecTV, Viacom settle dispute; Deal doesn't require Epix carriage

DirecTV today restored the feeds for Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and 15 other Viacom cable networks, after settling a carriage dispute that left subscribers without some of the most popular expanded basic networks for 10 days.

DirecTV-Viacom and Time Warner Cable-Hearst battles get uglier

With millions of DirecTV (Nasdaq: DTV) and Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) subscribers continuing to go without popular programming from Viacom (NYSE: VIA) and Hearst Television, executives involved in the disputes are ratcheting up the rhetoric.   

Coincidence or not, The Daily Show returns, and so does its Web presence

Even though it infers it didn't, Viacom apparently succumbed to the needling and heeded the advice of one of its top attractions—frequently funny faux newsman Jon Stewart—to restore its online video content.

Viacom restores online programming after Jon Stewart rips handling of DirecTV dispute

Viacom restored full-length online video versions of The Daily Show and other programs carried on Viacom cable networks Tuesday, after Comedy Central star Jon Stewart criticized Viacom and top distributor DirecTV for the contract dispute that have left about 20 million satellite TV subscribers unable to watch MTV Networks programming.