Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

ViaSat signs Boeing to build next-gen broadband satellite

A new broadband Internet satellite that ViaSat plans to launch in 2016 could help DirecTV and Dish Network market high-speed services to rural subscribers.

DirecTV adds voice controls to iPhone app

DirecTV updated its app for Apple's iPhone this week to allow subscribers to use voice commands to change channels and search for content.

Comcast scores hotel distribution deal with Raymond Management Company

Comcast said it struck a deal with Raymond Management Company to wire seven of its hotels in Illinois and Michigan with its Comcast Business Ethernet and HDTV programming service.

DirecTV renames Nomad product 'GenieGO'

DirecTV has quietly rebranded a product that lets subscribers transfer programs stored on DVRs to laptops and Apple's iPad and iPhone as 'GenieGO.'

Watch ABC lacks authentication deals with Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Dish Network

While a free preview for the new ABC Now app that launches Tuesday will allow any viewer in New York or Philadelphia to stream live video, subscribers of Time Warner Cable, DirecTV and Dish Network may not be able to use the app after the preview ends on June 30.

Dish Network: Hopper will reduce churn rates

While Dish Network reported increased subscriber churn in the first quarter, executives told analysts Thursday that they expect its new Hopper DVR will help it improve retention and drive increased revenue from homes that take the product.

DirecTV sub growth slows to 21,000 in Q1; blames stricter credit policy and 'competitive environment'

DirecTV said it added 21,000 net U.S. subscribers in the first quarter, down sharply from the 81,000 it picked up in the same period last year.

Charter bleeds 24,000 video subs; high-speed Internet growth slows in Q1 2013

Charter Communications said it lost 24,000 video subscribers in the first quarter, with its performance dropping a whopping 220 percent compared to this time last year, when it gained 20,000 video customers.

Comcast to double recording capabilities on X1 gateway

Comcast said it will double the recording capabilities later this month on its X1 home video gateways to allow subscribers to record four TV shows or movies simultaneously while watching a fifth program.

Tracking the top 10 worst programming disputes of all time

When cable networks and distributors fail to agree on terms for a new contract, it often comes down to who can endure the most pain from a blackout that could leave subscribers without their favorite shows. Using the threat of a blackout has become a key negotiating tactic for both programmers and distributors, and PR strategy is now as essential as a skilled affiliate sales team.