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Latest Headlines

AT&T, DirecTV demand that FCC not extend comment period on merger review

Public Knowledge and the Community Broadband Networks Initiative have asked the Federal Communications Commission to extend the public comment deadline beyond Sept. 16 for the proposed AT&T and DirecTV merger. But on Wednesday, the two communications giants countered that the FCC should not consider this request.

DirecTV, Dish use addressable tech to target $3B political advertising treasure chest

Integrating voter registration information into their emerging addressable advertising technology systems, DirecTV and Dish Network are promising politcal campaign managers a means of precisely and locally targeting viewers across the ideological spectrum.

TWC beefs up Pac-12 Net carriage in L.A., targets DirecTV

Further solidifying its position of Los Angeles regional sports network supremacy, Time Warner Cable has added five additional Pac-12 Networks channels to its local Sports Pass bundle.

Report: Verizon will deliver cable TV over 4G LTE

Verizon is reportedly planning to use its 4G LTE mobile wireless network to deliver cable TV programming within a year.

Comcast-TWC, AT&T-DirecTV megadeals have rural viewers worried

About half of the thousands of letters the FCC has received about Comcast's proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable and AT&T's planned acquisition of DirecTV have come from viewers who want their RFD-TV.

Fans' antitrust case against MLB, NHL, pay TV moves a step closer to trial

Unhappy sports fans won one in their antitrust lawsuit against Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Comcast and DirecTV when a federal judge rejected an effort by the defendants to dismiss the case.

Pac-12 commissioner Scott: DirecTV will only negotiate with conglomerates

Lamenting the fact that his athletic conference's regional sports network is about to kick off its third consecutive college football season without an affiliate deal with DirecTV, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott directed some pointed criticism at the satellite company.

DirecTV set to take over Houston RSN it refused to carry

AT&T and DirecTV are set to take over struggling regional sports network CSN Houston. According to reorganization plans filed in federal bankruptcy court on Wednesday, Aug. 6, ownership of the network will be transferred from Comcast's NBCUniversal unit, the Houston Rockets NBA franchise and the Houston Astros MLB team.

Playing the SportsNet LA blame game: Include the fans and the team, too

It's tough enough explaining the entrenched pay-TV carriage battle over SportsNet LA to adult trade readers. So I didn't really know what to tell my 8-year-old son, Reece, on Tuesday, Aug. 6, when his favorite player, Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw, suddenly appeared on our DirecTV program guide after the Dodgers had been blacked out on our pay-TV service since late-March.

DirecTV rejects lawmakers' SportsNet LA appeal: Wants mediation, not arbitration

Repeating the refrain of its top executive from a week earlier, DirecTV  has issued a statement saying it's not interested in an arbitration over the carriage dispute that continues to black out the Dodgers from 70 percent of the Los Angeles market.