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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Dish may have lost 141K TV subscribers during 4Q, MoffettNathanson says

Dish Network today reported full-year subscriber losses of 81,000 for 2015. As MoffettNathanson points out, that implies a loss of 12,000 during the fourth quarter, better than the Street consensus that predicted the satellite TV provider would lose 24,000 subscribers.

Sonic touts discounted broadband for DirecTV, Dish subscribers

Sonic.Net, a California-based Internet service provider, has partnered with satellite pay-TV operators Dish Network and DirecTV to offer a discounted broadband service.

Dish reaches short-term extension with Viacom, holds off highly anticipated carriage war

Dish Network and Viacom have agreed to a short-term carriage extension, forestalling what many believe could be a protracted and bitter negotiation.

Dish takes pay-TV DVR wars to next level with 16-tuner Hopper

LAS VEGAS- Putting its stamp, at least temporarily, on the pay-TV industry's "Most Robust DVR" crown, Dish Network debuted at CES last week a 16-tuner version of its Hopper set-top.

Dish comes to terms with Cordillera, ends 11-market blackout

Dish Network said it has come to terms on a new broadcast retransmission agreement with Cordillera Broadcasting, ending a blackout that impacted 18 stations in 11 markets that started Thursday.

Dish's HopperGo a day late and a dollar short for TVE

LAS VEGAS-- If Dish Network had introduced its HopperGo at, say, CES 2012, TV Everywhere's disappointing narrative might have turned out differently. As it was, the announcement of the mobile video storage device this week seemed buried in broader company introductions that included a third-generation Hopper DVR and the first major user-interface overhaul for Sling TV.

Dish looks to capture high-end custom install segment

While most pay-TV operators are focused on high-volume residential sales, Dish Network has doubled down in recent months on the custom install niche.

Dish follows U-verse and DirecTV, announces rate increases for 2016

Ducking under the cover of AT&T, which announced price bumps for U-verse and DirecTV earlier this week, Dish Network has released information about across-the-board rate increases for 2016.

Ergen promotes Dish vet Carlson to president amid major exec re-alignment

In a move that perhaps signals his desire to focus more on the wireless business, Dish Network Chairman and CEO Charlie Ergen has placed day-to-day control of the pay-TV business into the hands of 20-year company veteran Erik Carlson, naming him president.

Sling TV CEO comes out against Comcast's data caps

The CEO of Sling TV said he is warning federal regulators in Washington, D.C., about the usage caps that Comcast is in the process of implementing across the country. Roger Lynch, the CEO of Dish Network's Sling TV streaming service, said the caps and Comcast's Stream service run afoul of the FCC's net neutrality guidelines.