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Latest Headlines

Dish Network upgrades program guide on Hopper, Joey

Dish Network made another tweak to its Hopper multi-room DVR platform and program guide, announcing Friday that it added a "Free for Kids" section to its Hopper On Demand section which uses content ratings to display only kid-friendly programs.

The top 6 super DVRs that pack a punch

For nearly a decade, most pay TV distributors have deployed DVRs containing two tuners and a maximum of 250 GB of storage space. But with the rollout of their respective Hopper and Genie DVRs in 2012, Dish Network and DirecTV forced rival cable operators and telcos to invest in new gear.

Is Verizon using Redbox Instant and Ellipsis to build a virtual pay TV platform?

As a Verizon quadruple-play customer, I've gotten used to seeing promotions for the new Redbox Instant streaming video service when I pay my bill online. It took the pitch to a new level Thursday morning, when it ran what could be compared to an online home page takeover ad. Before I could watch NBC's "Today" show, Verizon ran a static ad on my TV screen for Redbox Instant, offering one month of free service.

Dish Network, Sprint push FCC to implement rules for 600 MHz spectrum auction

In today's spotlight,  FierceWireless  takes a look at efforts from Sprint, T-Mobile US, Dish Network and smaller carriers to push the FCC to implement rules that would allow them to access 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum in an incentive auction.

Dish, Verizon consolidate mobile apps

Dish Network and Verizon's FiOS TV are reducing the number of smartphone and tablet applications their subscribers need to control set-tops and watch video on mobile devices.

Ergen: Rights deals thwarting over-the-top pay TV

Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen said Wednesday that over-the-top pay TV services will emerge, but that difficulties striking rights deals with programmers would impact how soon new virtual services from Intel and other players get off the ground.

Dish Network gains 35K subs on reduced churn in Q3 2013

Dish Network's bet on the Hopper DVR helped it reduce subscriber churn to 1.66 percent in the third quarter, and it picked up 35,000 net pay TV customers.

The top nightmares of wireless industry execs

Halloween is over, but that doesn't mean the nightmares that plague wireless industry executives are going away anytime soon.

TWC turning to free Samsung tablets and aggressive targeting of DSL homes to counter sub losses

After losing 306,000 video subscribers in Q3, Time Warner Cable will kick off a holiday promotion next week in which it will offer subscribers a free Samsung tablet "fully loaded" with apps such as TWC TV and HBO Go, COO Rob Marcus said Thursday.

FCC issues order on 700 MHz interoperability solution

In today's spotlight,  FierceWireless  takes a look at the FCC's decision to approve an order implementing a 700 MHz interoperability solution that will eventually give smaller carriers access to the same 700 MHz LTE devices AT&T use.