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Latest Headlines

Technicolor supplying modems for Comcast's DOCSIS 3.1 rollout in Atlanta

No. 2 cable industry CPE maker Technicolor said its TC4000 modem is part of the first major trial of DOCSIS 3.1 technology in the U.S., Comcast's gigabit-speed rollout in Atlanta.

Cox brings 1 Gbps service to middle Georgia, lays greater challenge to AT&T

Cox Communications is bringing its 1 Gbps show to the middle Georgia market, laying a greater challenge to AT&T and other gigabit players in the state.

Verizon touts advantages of FTTH over cable in new ad on eve of consolidating wireline footprint

Verizon has begun running a new TV ad campaign highlighting the difference between its FTTH network and cable, a move that comes as the service provider pares down its wireline network footprint to the Northeast.

Cable broadband spending dropped 3% last year despite steep increase in shipments, SNL Kagan said

Despite a 41 percent increase in shipments of downstream network equipment, total spending on broadband infrastructure by cable operators dropped 3 percent to $1.74 billion in 2015, according to SNL Kagan.

Comcast rolls out DOCSIS 3.1-powered advanced trials in Atlanta

Comcast said that it has begun "advanced consumer trials" of DOCSIS 3.1-powered Internet services for select early adopters in Atlanta, kicking off its plan to bring the 1-gig product to five cities this year.

Comcast follows Google Fiber's $70 plan in Atlanta, but price comes with a contract catch

Comcast is beginning a 1 Gbps advanced trial for residential and business customers in Atlanta, laying a competitive challenge to Google Fiber with its own similarly priced 1 Gbps service. But while the cable MSO is following Google's pricing scheme, it's not without a catch.

Viavi introduces DOCSIS 3.1 signal analyzer

Looking to tap into fast proliferating upgrade plans by leading cable operators, Viavi Solutions has added DOCSIS 3.1 capabilities to its OneExpert cable TV signal analyzer. The new product features...

Smaller cable companies hesitant to deploy DOCSIS 3.1

DOCSIS 3.1 represents the promise of multi-gigabit speeds over existing cable infrastructure and the technology is generating a lot of hype in the pay-TV industry, but some smaller MSOs are hesitant to pursue the technology.

CableLabs says full duplex DOCSIS 3.1 could be here soon

CableLabs recently unveiled new technology that can boost upstream speeds in DOCSIS 3.1 networks without the need for added fiber. The full duplex technology would provide symmetrical speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Now Dan Rice, CableLabs's senior vice president of R&D, says the technology could arrive shortly.

Arris says its E6000 converged edge router is being used in Comcast DOCSIS 3.1 deployment

Perhaps eager to divert the attention of investors from the sagging CPE portion of its business, Arris has announced that its E6000 converged edge router is part of Comcast's ongoing deployment of DOCSIS 3.1-powered gigabit-speed networks.